Spanish是什么意思 Spanish在线翻译 Spanish什么意思 Spanish的意思 Spanish的翻译 Spanish的解释 Spanish的发音 Spanish的同义词 Spanish的反义词

Spanish [ˈspænɪʃ]  [ˈspænɪʃ] 


Spanish 基本解释

形容词西班牙的; 西班牙语的; 西班牙人的; 西班牙式的

名词西班牙语; 西班牙人; 〈美〉新墨西哥州的别名; [地名] [加拿大] 西班牙村

Spanish 网络解释

1. 西班牙语:1. 語言文字--葡萄牙語、西班牙語、英語、法語,因為當地人很多只會說葡萄牙語(Portuguese),不過英語是在學校教授的主要語言. 此外,西班牙語(Spanish)也較為常用(不過要說得慢些喲).

2. Spanish的意思

2. 西班牙文:微软先前在4/24就已经对MSDN用户发放,然后在今天正式对一般使用者开放了 Windows 7 Release Candidate 的下载,目前提供了英文(English)、法文(French)、德文(German)、日文(Japanese)、西班牙文(Spanish)五国语言,期待官方能跟 Win

3. 西班牙人:在新年的前一天晚上,西班牙人(Spanish)都聚集在广场上,每人手里拿一串葡萄. 当钟声敲了12下,新年到来时,人们就吃掉12颗葡萄,表示这一年的每个月都会过得很幸福. 元旦那天,阿根廷(Argentina)的男男女女、老老少少都要到江河里去洗澡.

4. Spanish

4. 西班牙:在炎热气温中紧张地忙碌了几乎整天的访谈活动后,西班牙(Spanish)记者梅内克卢(Menesclou)和芬兰(Finnish)同行佩利科罗(Pellicoro)邀我一起来到苏黎世湖边乘凉消暑.

Spanish 双语例句

1. danci.911cha.com

1. If you have to ask why, you never fucked a hot Spanish girl.

2. Typography like speech - More and more people living in the United States these days speak Spanish as well as English.

3. And even after Wayne Rooney and Ji-sung Park had put Sir Alex's men 2-1 up, the Spanish striker fluffed a late chance to salvage a point from the match.

4. Of the nine original studs used to establish the breed, six bloodlines are used solely for breeding at the Spanish Riding School and Lipizzaners of South Africa at Kyalami.
    该九原钉用于建立品种,6血统是纯粹用于育种在西班牙骑术学校和lipizzaners ,南非在卡拉米赛道。

5. This test is very important with the Spanish GrandPrix just a week away, isnt it?

6. If you want to major in International Relations, Spanish Literature, or Chinese, for example, summer travel can be both enjoyable and academic in nature (no matter what your parents might think!).

7. Spanish的解释

7. Supplied with protective carry pouch including strap, the translator cross translates 12 International languages - English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Swedish, Japanese, Chinese and Turkish and you can save frequently used sentences.
    与保护 ,其中包括携带袋带,两岸的翻译提供的翻译12国际语言-英语,法语,德语,西班牙语,荷兰语,意大利语,俄语,葡萄牙语,瑞典语,日语,中文,土耳其,可以保存经常使用的句子。

8. Spanish的翻译

8. Cleansweep 11 (OP9) Ron's new broom - handle of Spanish oak with anti-jinx varnish, in-built vibration control, 0-70 in ten seconds

9. Spanish

9. I love Stanley Park, the one that divides Anfield and Goodison and which I got to know when I went to film the Spanish number 9 advert for Nike there.

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10. Dawn found me there, reading without mercy, and when hunger pursued me I would have thick hot chocolate and a sandwich of good Spanish ham, and stroll with the first light of dawn beneath the flowering matarraton trees on the Paseo Bolivar.
    我孜孜不倦地读到黎明来临,被饥饿逮着时就喝一杯浓郁的热巧克力,吃一份美味的西班牙火腿三明治,然后在Paseo Bolivar上那些开着花的墨西哥丁香树下,沐着第一道曙光溜达。

11. It's in Spanish, but you can look at the photos.

12. Spanish的近义词

12. It was in America that I studied English and it was also in America that I studied Spanish.

13. Was a Spanish painter, draughtsman, and sculptor.

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14. With Lazaraillo de Tormes written by an anonymous Spanish novelist in the middle period of 16th century as the beginning, picaresque novel has gone through the evolutionary history of more than 400 years.

15. Back in the 1950s, it was common for Spanish wine producers to sell their wines in bulk.

16. This study focuses on the changes of Spanish immigration policy after Spain becomes the member of EC, and analyses the development of European Union`s immigration policy with intergovernmentalism.

17. The Caprice espagnol, Op. 37, created by M. Moszkowski, has the manner of humor and free imagination, and it involves in the Spanish and free style, too.

18. The first evidence of decimals in Europe is in a Spanish manuscript of 976 AD.

19. Besides English and Mandarine, I studied Spanish for about one and a half years as well.

20. As you can see, the readme is in spanish.

Spanish 词典解释

1. 西班牙的;西班牙人的;西班牙语(或文化)的
    Spanish means belonging or relating to Spain, or to its people, language, or culture.


    e.g. ...a Spanish sherry.
    e.g. ...the Spanish Ambassador.

2. 西班牙语
    Spanish is the main language spoken in Spain, and in many countries in South and Central America.


3. 西班牙人
    The Spanish are the people who come from Spain.

Spanish 单语例句

1. Each of the cocktails cost 82 yuan and are well complemented by the choice of Spanish and Japanese snacks.

2. With the country now producing nearly as many top calibre basketball players as footballers, the quality of the Spanish squad is undeniable.

3. The first Spanish region to outlaw bullfighting was the Canary Islands, in 1991.

4. Spanish actor Bardem appears as a troubled priest facing a crisis of faith, extending the plot into the realm of the spiritual from the physical and emotional.

5. It reached Europe via the Spanish explorers, and the Italian Casanova rated chocolate above champagne for its seductive qualities.

6. He later was music director for the Massimo Bellini Theater of Catania in Italy, the Opera Repertoire of the Spanish National Choir and the Zarzuela Theater of Madrid.

7. The Spanish arrival and colonization brought Roman Catholicism to the country and became the main religion of Mexico.

8. Thirty percent of models previously on the catwalk in the Spanish capital were turned away, including Spanish stunner Esther Canadas.

9. Fernandez'company is famous for Cava, the Spanish sparkling wine.

10. Cava is the term used by the Spanish to describe sparkling wine.

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