be harmful to是什么意思 be harmful to在线翻译 be harmful to什么意思 be harmful to的意思 be harmful to的翻译 be harmful to的解释 be harmful to的发音

be harmful to

be harmful to 双语例句

1. Because whatever our ancestors encountered frequently was less likely to be harmful and more likely to be worth approaching, we have evolved to favor the familiar.

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2. Although breeding between close kin is thought to be generally unfavorable from an evolutionary standpoint, in part because harmful mutations are more easily propagated through populations in this way, theory predicts that under some circumstances, the benefits of inbreeding may outweigh the costs.

3. Numerical simulation results indicate that emptied areas, especially such large ones as No.1, 5, 7 and 8, are potential harmful resources for extraction of 105~# ore body; 2. Potential safety problem due to emptied areas could be solved by filling works according to numerical calculation; 3. Trial experiment of material component gives basic filling parameters in weight as follows: tailings - crushed sand ratio of 3:1, cement-aggregate ratio of 1:6, and slurry density of 68-70%; 4. Fly ash is suggested to adopt in filling materials if possible because addition of fly ash can improve hydraulic conveying proprety of slurry and reduce cost of filling; 5. Current preparation system of filling slurry can still be used for filling works of 105~# ore body; 6. Economic and technical comparison among three drafts suggests that 10~# blind inclined shaft system is an optimal choice because of low capital and short pipeline.

4. Through comparison, a relative suitable quantitative assessment model is occupied to evaluate the hazard consequence when oil tank is leaking. By the use of the simulating evaluation process, the harmful area can be calculated simply and shown in an ellipse area. The longest distance in the harmful explosion area and the harmful explosion area of...

5. Third, there is no any kind of research results show that GM would be harmful to humans.

6. The selection of geological prospecting in different stages(initial-prospecting, detailed-prospecting)(2)the selection of geological prospecting in the deep-laid and shallow-laid of tunnel project (3)the selection of geological prospecting of tunnel projecting in different geological conditions Finally, the author summed up main problems needing to be solved in tunnel engineering geological prospecting as follow:(1)differentiate stratum and find out the depth and thickness of different stratums in the tunnel section (2)find out geological structure and existence situation of fault, broken zone and weak plane (3)find out weathering level of bed rock to classify surrounding rock combining speed materials (4)differentiate stratum structure of the entrance of tunnel to judge the stability of it (5)find out existence situation and performance of ground water (6)situations of other harmful geological phenomenon In view of above problems and classification of surrounding rock, the author showed principles of rational choosing of methods in geological prospecting and counted disperse range of physical character parameter value in different petrosal character, getting achievements as follow:(1)summarization of effect, merits and demerits of different geological prospecting methods in the tunnel geological investigation (2)method selection and arrangement principle of tunnel engineering geological prospecting in different geological conditions and prospecting stages (3)According to previous experience and cases, the author concluded the物性parameters most in use, and showed the basis of selecting geological prospecting methods in different geological conditions.

7. You must not be harmful to computers and the Internet!

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8. Dieldrin, which was most commonly used to control agricultural pests and termites, was banned for most uses by the Environmental Protection Agency in 1974 after it was found to be harmful to fish and other wildlife.

9. Thereby it changed the acidity of water, filtered water off a variety of harmful elements, releasing a variety of beneficial trace elements to humans. Through the role of weak currents, narrow beam of water molecules, the minerals can be easily absorbed, which is an excellent source of minerals, together with the role of regulating balance of the human body ion.

10. From this book, I can learn how to face death calmly, of course, terrible death, should we then take to be harmful, bow to the death?

11. The harmful gas such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, TVOC still has bad smell, bacterium to wait with oxyhydrogen freedom radical reacts, be decomposed immediately hurtless carbon dioxide and water.

12. However, intervention is also more costly to the agency in hearing time and other re sources, and named parties in the case may fear that the intervenor's participation will be harmful to their interests.

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13. However, RCF materials have for some time been placed in EU Risk Class 2 as they are irritants and can be harmful if inhaled. Therefore, to protect installation workers from any risk of inhalation or direct contact with the ceramic fibre used on the kiln walls and roof, Sacmi Forni has introduced a series of'total safety'systems that prevent environmental contamination and any material-related illnesses.

14. Some lamprophyre existences in foundation rock will be harmful to the dam stability and foundation stress transfer, so it has to be treated for the dam safety.

15. They lack normal aquatic life and their pollution can be harmful to people coming into direct contact with them.

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16. As raw beef contains harmful bacteria, it needs to be cooked t at least seventy-one degrees before it is safe to eat.

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17. Bute is the right to use bamboo wells through law, with two-civil dual-times gold, such as the gate in the first Hom Tatsumi housing units, the second day of treatment, the harmful effects of three or four Zero, extension 25, six six-sha, seven angry, left-Wei Eight, nine Wugui, also right-pil, raw three-day extension of Kyrgyzstan, Dong Yi, Yu Yi low, but the ball should be in Beijing too low, resulting in unsightly, not anti-ji.

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18. Health tip: in the ordinary cleaning method (soap suds and household disinfection solution), harmful residuum shall be left and adhered on the material, which will cause interior mutation, so it is necessary to use the professional detergent.

19. be harmful to在线翻译

19. I know my neglect may be harmful to you

20. be harmful to的解释

20. All this information can later be retrieved and could prove to be harmful to your privacy.

be harmful to 单语例句

be harmful to的意思

1. Beaked whales have been known to be more vulnerable to the harmful effects of Navy active sonar than other whales.

2. Scores of factories known to have discharged harmful effluence are to be closely watched by environmental authorities in an effort to prevent a catastrophe.

3. High aluminum intake is believed to be harmful to the central nervous system.

4. The latter chemical is banned as an additive in pig feed in China because it can be harmful and even fatal to humans.

5. The additive is harmful to humans and can be fatal since it often accumulates in organs such as the liver and lungs.

6. The school's principal said staff at the college concur that drug testing would be harmful to the relationship between teachers and students.

7. The awareness of import dangers also needs to be cultivated among the general public to avoid unintentionally bringing in harmful plants or insects from overseas.

8. Some supporters say ending the death penalty would be harmful to poor minorities, who are disproportionately murder victims.

9. If people do not have a decent place to live, they will become dissatisfied and that will be harmful to social stability.

10. Effective measures should be taken to improve institutional arrangements involving the production, publication and dissemination of harmful information to tighten management and monitor the Internet platform.

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