911查询申博在线大全be pleased with...是什么意思

be pleased with...是什么意思 be pleased with...在线翻译 be pleased with...什么意思 be pleased with...的意思 be pleased with...的翻译

be pleased with...

be pleased with... 双语例句

1. Around the world international aids go wrong keep the peace a shortage of food cause sb. to do sth. live in poverty in real life people in need belong to the UN a UN Goodwill ambassador give a speech be pleased to do sth. have the chance to do sth. refer to sb./ sth. be made up of mean to do sth./ doing sth. be honoured to do sth. take on this role set up/about doing/down/out to do be based on develop friendly relations with sb. co-operate in doing sth. promote respect for human rights as you know touch the lives of people everywhere be involved in with the help of sb. worthy organizations be worth doing sth.= be worthy of being done assist the victims of wars in addition protect sb. from doing sth. prevent sb. from doing sth. child labour record sth.= make records of be aware of sth./ make sb aware of draw one's attention=draw the attention of sb. add sth. to sth.
    add up/add up to under the umbrella of 全世界国际援助出错保持和平缺少食物导致某人做某事生活贫穷在现实生活中有需要的人属于联合国一位联合国亲善大使做讲座高兴做某事有机会做某事谈及某人或某事由某物组成打算做某事/意味着做某事荣幸做某事承担这个角色建立/着手工作/写下/开始做以…为基础和某人发展友好关系合作做某事促进对人权的尊敬正如你所知道的涉及每个地方人们的生活涉及;卷入在某人的帮助下令人尊敬的组织值得做某事帮助战争的受难者除了保护某人免受…的伤害阻止某人做某事童工记录某事意识到引起某人的注意把…加到…/加起来/加起来为在…的保护下 17 41。

2. The U. S. government aware of this matter later, and sent a named police officer went to the findings of Lyon, Lyon, go there after, they found where the town's residents have been infected may not know it was Lyon who infected long - looks like to do, a result, he went to an ordinary house to ask whether, Lyon just a question of circumstances, to see him behind and in front suddenly have a lot of strange people coming forward themselves, Lyon suddenly felt wrong, This to General Telephone, can be more surprising thing is even here, there is no signal, step by step, those who went to the Lyon, This is a woman, just get behind a motorcycle Chuang broken glass, Lyon mobile phone signal in here, Lyon immediately raised his cell phone and asked how it is one thing, the headquarters said: This is the city's residents have been infected with, and you must immediately destroy them, otherwise the virus will spread to the United States lead to disastrous consequences in various cities, Lyon has just a cell phone down and immediately picked up the pistol with the woman escaped with the tight encirclement half an hour later, they finally died Lyon is very pleased to this woman asked: What's your name and that name woman said: My name is Clayton Er, I have come to me brotherCosta Rica, and your brother What's your name called Chris Lyon asked she said.

3. She must be feeling very pleased with herself.

4. \u0064\u0061\u006E\u0063\u0069\u002E\u0039\u0031\u0031\u0063\u0068\u0061\u002E\u0063\u006F\u006D

4. We would be pleased to provide you with further information on our service.

5. 2We d be pleased to have you work with us.

6. Yearend Float (in $ millions) Year GEICO General Re Other Reinsurance Other Primary Total 1967202019774013117119877018071, 50819972, 9174, 0144557, 38619983, 12514, 9094, 30541522, 75419993, 44415, 1666, 28540325, 29820003, 94315, 5257, 80559827, 871 We`re pleased by the growth in our float during 2000 but not happy with its cost. Over the years, our cost of float has been very close to zero, with the underwriting profits realized in most years offsetting the occasional terrible year such as 1984, when our cost was a staggering 19%. In 2000, however, we had an underwriting loss of $1.6 billion, which gave us a float cost of 6%. Absent a mega-catastrophe, we expect our float cost to fall in 2001 - perhaps substantially - in large part because of corrections in pricing at General Re that should increasingly be felt as the year progresses. On a smaller scale, GEICO may experience the same improving trend.
    对於2000年的浮存金成长我们感到相当欣慰,但却对其成本不甚满意,一直以来,我们浮存金成本通常都维持在接近於零的低水准,有时好的时候,还能享有可观的承保利益,来弥补像1984年那样糟糕的年度,当年的资金成本高达 19%,不过2000年我们的承保损失却高达16亿美金,这使得我们的浮存金成本飙高至6%,除非再发生什麼重大的灾难,否则我们预期2001年的浮存金成本将会大幅下降,主要的原因是General RE已经逐渐开始反映调整价格,至於 GEICO虽然规模较小,但也应该会有同样的情形。

7. To some fellow students, he may be regarded as a radical youth activitist, No matter you agree with him or not, you'd be pleased to see a variety of students living on the same campus.

8. be pleased with...的意思

8. 11 Bless all his skills, O LORD, and be pleased with the work of his hands.
    33:11 求耶和华降福在他的财物上、悦纳他手里所办的事。

9. Be pleased with sth.

10. I think they thought I`d be terribly pleased with it, but it was shite.

11. It can be put in deferent backgrounds of work places because of the neat appearance. With it, you can also have a pleased enjoy.

12. I think she will be pleased with the hermitage.

13. With reference to your enqiry of July 10th, we shall be pleased to supply 50 sets of scanner at the price of $110 each.

14. Order郁亮am very pleased with is that if the price of land in accordance with the current assessment, nearly 19 million purchase price equivalent to only 78.6 percent of current market price, and in accordance with the agreement, Vanke will be used within two years payment by installments.

15. Besides, many inconceivable functions have also made the engineers pleased. For example, the permeability value of other gases can be calculated with the technical support of Labthink; the testing process goes on when power fails… One engineer from JUWIN PNB highly praises that Labthink instrument is so technologically advanced that it has changed his sub-consciousness that China can only supply ordinary products.

16. be pleased with...

16. I 136 I'm sure you'll be pleased with this product.
      我敢保证你会喜欢这种产品的。3 ?

17. Er1? 2136 I'm sure you'll be pleased with this product.

18. After some other mistakes, I learned to go into business only with people whom I like, trust, and admire. As I noted before, this policy of itself will not ensure success: A second-class textile or department-store company won't prosper simply because its managers are men that you would be pleased to see your daughter marry. However, an owner - or investor - can accomplish wonders if he manages to associate himself with such people in businesses that possess decent economic characteristics.
      Conversely,we do not wish to join with managers who lack admirable qualities,再犯下其它几个错误之后,我试着尽量只与我们所欣赏喜爱与信任的人往来,就像是我之前曾提到的,这种原则本身不会保证你一定成功,二流的纺织工厂或是百货公司不会只因为管理人员是那种你会想把女儿嫁给他的人就会成功的,然而公司的老板或是投资人却可以因为与那些真正具有商业头脑的人打交道而获益良多,相反地我们不会希望跟那些不具令人尊敬的特质为伍,不管他的公司有多吸引人都一样,我们永远不会靠着与坏人打交道而成功。

19. be pleased with...的反义词

19. I would be very pleased and interested in the same activities with friends.

20. Following these simple steps and your family and friends will be very pleased with a truly special and custom gift basket.

be pleased with... 单语例句

1. The officers in the County Court will be only too pleased to help them with filling in the form.

2. John Blanchette says doctors are pleased with Gabor's recovery and she'll be transported by ambulance Saturday evening back to her Bel Air mansion.

3. They claim they would never make Italian food an Italian wouldn't be pleased with.

4. Federer was pleased to be home and dry with his quarterfinal berth, especially with Tsonga already through.

5. He said he would imagine that China must also be pleased by the agreements, and with what Obama said about the US not seeking to contain China.

6. The professor said that both the US and China must be very pleased with the joint statement.

7. I couldn't be pleased with a point but I think it's one of the most difficult grounds to play away from home.

8. The growing number of vegetable eaters should be well pleased with the dishes served here.

9. The players have done a fantastic job and the fans will be very pleased with the team.

10. I'm pleased to be with you, and also with your readers and viewers.

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