be short of是什么意思 be short of在线翻译 be short of什么意思 be short of的意思 be short of的翻译 be short of的解释 be short of的发音

be short of [bi: ʃɔ:t ɔv]  [bi ʃɔrt ʌv] 

be short of 基本解释

be short of的近义词

缺; 缺乏; 缺少; 悭

be short of 网络解释

1. 短缺:be short for 是...的缩写(简称) | be short of 短缺 | be sick for 渴望

2. 缺乏,不足;达不到:be seated 坐下,坐着;位于... | be short of 缺乏,不足;达不到 | be skilled in 擅长

3. 缺少,不足;未达到:be made up to由......组成,由......构成 | be short of缺少,不足;未达到 | bear...in mind记住(某事)

be short of 双语例句

1. A possible reasons may be insufficient cases, small andatypical family, too short gene screening field; becase heterogeneity exists in idiopathic nocturnal frontal lobe epilepsy, there may be gene mutation in other regions except the 5~ exons of the CHRNA4 and CHRNB2 genes in nAChR. There may also be other unknown responsible genes except nAChR.

2. Lightning voltages may be of high magnitude but are of very short duration; their time is measured in microseconds.

3. I want to say to you: Be in be apart from direction of past Chengdu of county of plain of short of Wenshui River the summit of village of 7 dishes of channel of 7 kilometers.

4. Although, it seems that the priority for agriculture water use is higher than other water demand when the agriculture water demand is preserved, the manipulation for agriculture demand is conservative. Been preserved as a higher water right, the agriculture water demand is to keep the same amount as it used to be, but not considering the potential need of long or short period water re-distribution caused by the hydrological or environmental condition such as the draught period or the depletion of groundwater water.

5. On the practice of supply chain management, we always studied the carriers`performance when the shippers choose carriers to carry for him. This kind of research belong to afterwards assess, it is short of goad and initiative. Many cases about lose can be find everywhere because of choosing improper carriers, the main reason is that there exist asymmetric information between the shipper and the carrier.

6. Remember fondly every day and frequently, bend the head one book, short send understanding, style style the language middle …… under the moonlit night that this silk's lane sound, the secondary rainbow clothes dances lightly have no who be willing to toward an autumn a month to harm a sad bosom of feeling.

7. be short of是什么意思

7. Taiji Broadsword is one kind short weapon of the Wu-style Taijiquan series, so its style and characteristic should be used the requirement of body work and footwork as the standard.

8. However, if we really want to exert the above role and significance of performance evaluation in the primary school math teaching clssroom, the form of performance evaluation results should be simple, the goal should be clear. We should privide students with work paper, make the abstract thinking concrete. The performance task of the design should have moderate difficulty. When feedback, we can take full advantage of the performance differences between students. We can make the students thinking collide and influence with each other using the form of discussion and proper conduct of teachers. In short, the performance evaluation should be integrated with classroom teaching closely.

9. Among other things, it has led to lowered sights and low dreams: Even among many people who once would have known better and would have striven higher, it has led, in the short run, to acceptance of the idea that—in reality and at least for the foreseeable future—there can be no alternative to the world as it is, under the domination of imperialism and other exploiters.

10. High ability of spikelet formation of short-duration varieties could be attributable to high nitrogen content in leaf sheath at panicle initiation stage.

11. The success of the delta method depends on the linear approximation of the thermal drift, which must be viewed over a short period.

12. Be made great efforts in short, in a word, together by all of us!!

13. be short of在线翻译

13. Germ depends on, ability of child make a clear distinction between right and wrong is poor, lack controls oneself; Educational means is drab, learning environment is as dry as a chip and drab; Guide be short of break, grooming besides study and specialty still is these, and recreational activities of the other in the life little, and the recreational place spending of and so on of such as cinema is high, your child too far behind to catch up with, bring about the child to feel the life lacks colour very, produce repugn tired thereby, it is inimical behavior even.

14. The continuity of multi-dimensional mass-flow of EAF steel plant process is determined by the level of series continuous casting practice, of which the key is to short EAF tap to tap time to be corresponded with CC rhythm.

15. Hair is withered and yellow, lusterless forebode incomplete iron and be short of vitamin B.

16. be short of的近义词

16. People who are no strangers to the way this government operates should be able to logically determine that for the Sichuan Ministry of Education to have investigated results like these, they quickly came to a common understanding in the short time following the earthquake.

17. The tempestuousness raise and descent of reservoir water level should be paid more attention to because earthquakes of moderate magnitude may be induced by the load or unload of water in a short time period. Based on 71 earthquakes of M≥3.5 occurred in Xinfengjiang region from 1970 to 2007, statistical features of the sequences have been studied.

18. At present I have only this understanding, if fortunate enough to join your trip, I think I will be in the short term to have a better understanding of.

19. be short of的翻译

19. Length of the training sessions, if they are too long your dog will get board and your efforts will be wasted, if they are too short then you are not giving your dog the chance to learn the trick before you stop the training.

20. Medical Student Research Stipend – A $3, 500 stipend will be given to a medical student to perform a short-term (90-day) research project in the area of physiatry.

be short of 单语例句

1. The French coach seemed to be particularly angered by United midfielder Darren Fletcher's challenges but stopped short of accusing the Scot by name.

2. Shum predicted that Bank of America would hold on to its remaining CCB shares, even though there could be further downward pressure in the short term.

3. With the mercury falling just short of 40 degrees Celsius, the tournament referee said the retractable roofs on the two showpiece courts would be closed.

4. Maier said solar power technology would not be competitive in the short term, though it is a very popular source of power.

5. Analysts said the downtrend may not be reversed in the short term, as falling international prices for farm produce trim the competitiveness of Chinese goods.

6. But short of hoping latecomers will be shamed into mending their ways, the campaign offers no rewards for compliance or penalties for tardiness.

7. Zeng fell eight points short of the admission score set by Xiamen University, yet she will soon be heading to the university thanks to the new policy.

8. Scores of short films and public service announcements will be aired giving the audience tips about how to conserve energy and reduce their environmental impact.

9. Young described the driver as a short man of slight build who appeared to be Middle Eastern.

10. Eighty per cent of the cemeteries report they either are short of land or will be in the next five years.

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