be weak in是什么意思 be weak in在线翻译 be weak in什么意思 be weak in的意思 be weak in的翻译 be weak in的解释 be weak in的发音 be weak in的同义词

be weak in [bi: wi:k in]  [bi wik ɪn] 

be weak in 基本解释


be weak in 网络解释

1. be weak in的近义词

1. 在......(方面)弱:36.have a private teacher 请家教 | 37.be weak in... 在...方面弱 | do well in 在...很好

2. 在...方面弱(差):weak a.弱的,脆弱的,虚弱的; 差的,不行的 | be weak in 在...方面弱(差) | weakness n. 虚弱,弱点

3. be weak in

3. 在......方面很差/be good at在......方面很好:6..give sb. some advice on/about...给某人一些有关......的建议 | 7..be weak in在......方面很差/be good at在......方面很好 | 8..be afraid of doing sth.害怕做某事

4. be weak in的翻译

4. 不擅长:26. be good at 表现好 | 27. be weak in 不擅长 | 28. be different from与...不同

be weak in 双语例句

1. be weak in什么意思

1. You must be weak in the head if you think I'll agree to that.

2. You must be weak in the head if you believe that.

3. be weak in在线翻译

3. Be weak/poor in...

4. I have to be weak in order to become stronger.....

5. You cannot think me so weak as to be in danger now.

6. Moreover, in an environment of weak external demand and a cooling overall economy, cost pressures will likely be of secondary importance in determining profit margins.

7. First of all, the land commissioner should have the inspectors on the major leadership of local governments in land law, discipline, failures, dereliction of duty, there are large or superior to the locals until the central organization for the right to impeach; Secondly, the local governments involved in land, land acquisition behavior, such as construction projects and feasibility studies, approval, including the appointment and removal of the land system of cadres, the presence of the Commissioner of land inspectors must be involved, and with veto power; The third is the right supervision and found that the central government weak or suspect the existence of significant cases of illegal land use, Commissioner immediately ordered local governments to investigate and deal with the power; four inspectors Commissioner of land should be tracking clues, summoned officials, access to files, in-depth grass-roots level, according to the powers of inspection; Fifth, the presence of land inspectors Commissioner should have the ministries and agencies to mobilize and their land at all levels of law enforcement powers to monitor the team.

8. Worn with pain, and weak from the prolonged hardships which I had undergone, I was removed, with a great train of wounded sufferers, to the base hospital at Peshawar. Here I rallied, and had already improved so far as to be able to walk about the wards, and even to bask a little upon the veranda, when I was struck down by enteric fever, that curse of our In-dian possessions.

9. Even having created intelligent, sentient robots in the first place, robots that can out-think them, the humans` last hope would be to find a weak spot in the robot armoury, a chink in their life-support mechanism.

10. The selection of geological prospecting in different stages(initial-prospecting, detailed-prospecting)(2)the selection of geological prospecting in the deep-laid and shallow-laid of tunnel project (3)the selection of geological prospecting of tunnel projecting in different geological conditions Finally, the author summed up main problems needing to be solved in tunnel engineering geological prospecting as follow:(1)differentiate stratum and find out the depth and thickness of different stratums in the tunnel section (2)find out geological structure and existence situation of fault, broken zone and weak plane (3)find out weathering level of bed rock to classify surrounding rock combining speed materials (4)differentiate stratum structure of the entrance of tunnel to judge the stability of it (5)find out existence situation and performance of ground water (6)situations of other harmful geological phenomenon In view of above problems and classification of surrounding rock, the author showed principles of rational choosing of methods in geological prospecting and counted disperse range of physical character parameter value in different petrosal character, getting achievements as follow:(1)summarization of effect, merits and demerits of different geological prospecting methods in the tunnel geological investigation (2)method selection and arrangement principle of tunnel engineering geological prospecting in different geological conditions and prospecting stages (3)According to previous experience and cases, the author concluded the物性parameters most in use, and showed the basis of selecting geological prospecting methods in different geological conditions.

11. The king then head of the House has completed the initial sorting out, saying they must first be an攘外, the internal rationalization, the head naturally have more ideas, the first AU in the iron Tang has won the help of the Monday总舵(Yan TEANA old the first time people see the总舵啥样), followed by the country warfare attack on all fronts, the relatively small and weak to fight UNITA in the Han and Zhou Qi, repeatedly winning, Yan together to revive the morale was, together with Kazakhstan a robbery on recruiting family life, the arrival of thousands of pet, such as large, even overwhelming Yan Wei, get the first country in the world.

12. be weak in的翻译

12. You will go weak at the knee when you see him. In his eyes you will always be glamorous and beautiful, He will be some one you can grow old with. Someone who will show you exactly how true love is meant to feal. At the end, it is your party. Enjoy it!

13. TEM showed that TiO2 particles with diameter 20 nm were distributed homogeneously in the sols. Their absorption edges in the UV-vis spectra exhibited blue shift with decreasing particle size. TiO2 nanotubes, characterized by rough walls, the outside diameter of 150 nm and the longest length of 70 μm, were found in the pores of an alumina template membrane. They were found to be polycrsytal in anatase after heat treatment at 400℃. The morphology and optical properties between TiO2 films and nanotubes were compared. SEM showed that walls of TiO2 nanotubes were composed of many small round crystals but there were no any fine structures on TiO2 film. DRS showed that there were obvious absorption edges around 400 nm for the two specimens and TiO2 nanotubes had an absorption edge blue shifted compared with the TiO2 film. Fluorescence spectra showed that both of them had a intense luminescence band in the range of 300~500 nm and a weak band in 600~800 nm, but the luminescence in 300~400 nm on the TiO2 nanotubes was more intense and blue shifted compared with that on the TiO2 film.
      以多孔氧化铝为模板,在氧化铝的纳米孔中生成TiO2纳米管;运用透射电子显微镜对TiO2纳米管的长度和直径进行表征,发现TiO2纳米管尺寸均匀,管壁粗糙,外管径约为150 nm,长度最长可见70 μm;X射线衍射结果表明,经焙烧后的TiO2纳米管的晶型为锐钛矿型;比较了TiO2膜和TiO2纳米管在表面形貌及光学性质上的差别;扫描电子显微镜表明TiO2膜呈龟裂状平铺在模板表面,不存在细微结构,而TiO2纳米管呈束状伏在模板表面,每一束都是由许多细小的球状晶粒组成;紫外可见漫反射吸收光谱表明两个样品在400 nm左右都有明显的吸收带边,但TiO2纳米管的吸收带边与TiO2膜相比具有明显的蓝移;荧光光谱表明TiO2纳米管和TiO2膜在300~500 nm之间均有一强发光谱带,在600~800 nm之间均有一较弱发光谱带;不同之处在于TiO2纳米管的荧光强度大于TiO2膜,且在300~400 nm范围内TiO2纳米管的荧光峰位与TiO2膜相比存在蓝移。

14. be weak in是什么意思

14. Results With WT, the target component of the signal could be strengthened, while the non-target component and the noise were weakened which became weak in multi-channel ICA input signal, and then WICA algorithm could effectively separate strong target component.

15. Touch need your hands on me so we can touch i need your lips on me so we can touch boy lick my body weak come and gimme what i need fulfill my fantasies so we can touch ah ah ah touch ah ah ah ah ah ah touch ah ah ah i can't wait no more got this feelin'in my mind baby i'm gonna call you up and yes i know it's late at night but i can't hold back the urge wanna hear you in my ear wanna feel our bodys merge boy i need you lyin'here so we can touch put your hands on me so we can touch put your lips on me wanna feel your touch boy lick my body weak come and gimme what i need fulfill my fantasies so we can touch ah ah ah touch ah ah ah touch ah ah ah touch ah ah ah boy i hope you're ready this gon'be a long night we're gon'do it how you want it'cause i know just what you like got my body feelin'right my emotions runnin'high and i'm feelin'kinda lovely sure there's something we should try we can touch put your hands on me so we can touch put your lips on me wanna feel your touch boy lick my body weak come and gimme what i need fulfill my fantasies so we can touch ah ah ah touch ah ah ah touch ah ah ah touch ah ah ah look ma i'm glad you called me i was just about to turn around anyway i've been thinkin'bout that move that you made up you mean the one i call the stand up huckle buck yeah ma i love it when you do you i know if you hurry up i ma give you part 2 i'm on my way girl can't you hear my car rushin'i'm tryin'to get there fast so we can sart touchin'touch put your hands on me so we can touch put your lips on me wanna feel your touch boy lick my body weak come and gimme what i need fulfill my fantasies so we can touch put your hands on me so we can touch put your lips on me wanna feel your touch boy lick my body weak come and gimme what i need fulfill my fantasies so we can touch ah ah ah touch ah ah ah touch ah ah ah touch ah ah ah touch
      触摸需求你的人手右手击球员的左后方场地自我如此我们罐触摸i需求你的嘴唇右手击球员的左后方场地自我如此我们罐触摸男孩舔我的躯体弱来和乞讨的什么 i需求履行我的幻想曲如此我们罐触摸啊啊啊触摸啊啊啊啊啊啊触摸啊啊啊i不能等候不再得到这个feelin在朝派我的介意当作婴儿般对待我是去向打电话你向上的移动和同意i知道它's迟在晚上但是i不能支持住后退成为驱动力想要向听见你在朝派我的耳朵想要向感觉我们躯体合并男孩i需求你lyin'这里如此我们罐触摸放你的人手右手击球员的左后方场地自我如此我们罐触摸放你的嘴唇右手击球员的左后方场地自我想要向感觉你的触摸男孩舔我的躯体弱来和乞讨的什么 i需求履行我的幻想曲如此我们罐触摸啊啊啊触摸啊啊啊触摸啊啊啊触摸啊啊啊男孩i希望你公亩敏捷的这个gon'是a长时间晚上我们公亩gon'社交聚会它怎样你想要它'原因i知道仅仅什么你爱好得到我的躯体feelin权利我的情感runnin高度和我是 feelin可爱的人的一种可靠的那里's某样东西我们是将去请尝试我们罐触摸放你的人手右手击球员的左后方场地自我如此我们罐触摸放你的嘴唇右手击球员的左后方场地自我想要向感觉你的触摸男孩舔我的躯体弱来和乞讨的什么 i需求履行我的幻想曲如此我们罐触摸啊啊啊触摸啊啊啊触摸啊啊啊触摸啊啊啊看妈我是很高兴你打电话自我i was差不多向转变不管怎样我富人是讨论会'较量那个移动那个你制做向上的移动你用意一 i打电话竖立向上的移动髋部反对是的妈i爱它什么时候你社交聚会你i知道条件你匆忙向上的移动i妈让步你分开2我是右手击球员的左后方场地我的方式女孩不能你听见我的小汽车rushin'我是tryin'向到达那里斋戒如此我们罐sart touchin'触摸放你的人手右手击球员的左后方场地自我如此我们罐触摸放你的嘴唇右手击球员的左后方场地自我想要向感觉你的触摸男孩舔我的躯体软弱情欲高潮和乞讨的什么样的i需求履行我的我们能触动表达的幻想曲如此你的我们能稍微谈到一点自我如此的人手放你的我的幻想曲啊啊啊稍微谈到一点自我贫穷,感受到你的触摸男孩舔我的i需求履行什么软弱情欲高潮和乞讨的躯体,所以我们罐的嘴唇 touch ah ah ah touch ah ah ah touch ah ah ah touch

16. The existence of B2O3 is allowed in the glass web structure of FCMP and can be exactly titrated if strengthened by weak acid.

17. In a perfect world, each moment of a relationship would be like that weak-kneed romantic scene in The Notebook when Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams finally get together, kissing in the rain.

18. Jian Deng Xin Hua`s ideological nature to be slightly weak, but also has the original opinion to the social life, it inherited recorded strange or super natural events in the literary work, using the ghost expressed feelings, ugly dared to the realistic life to promulgate; Since has inherited the Tang legend to dare to write the real situation the spirit, boldly performs to the current event to criticize; The literary work is mind reposing, writer's creation is for the reader understanding its concealed emotion, an outstanding literary work `s connotation should be the rich and profound, Jian Deng Xin Hua although to have the certain connotation, but appears straight and shallow, the author has not surpassed the limitation of his time.

19. Dry area is the medical treatment instrument terrace. Wet area can be configure with ascending and descending liquid pump. It is configured with cure gas, strong or weak electricity, network output etc. terminal which is assembled in the position within the reach of medical personnel.

20. be weak in

20. Who was the one who brutally ripped off the clothes off the Chinese women in Nanjing? Who forced these Chinese women to let their naked bodies be abused by those beasts? On the surface, it would seem to be those Japanese soldiers who were devoid of humanity. But behind this bloody tragedy, it was the Chinese warlords who created a weak nation together.

be weak in 单语例句

1. " We expect weak consumer spending to be a meaningful headwind for the foreseeable future, " Dickson Chief Operating Officer Roger Farah said in a statement.

2. So the worldwide economic reform effort is now dangerously weak and the inevitable result will be poorer growth in coming decades.

3. Hurt by the subprime crisis and worries that the US economy may be severely hit, the dollar has remained weak in recent months.

4. BEIJING - A government official on Wednesday warned of risks in China's industrial sector, saying weak external demand and increasing financing difficulties should not be underestimated.

5. General knowledge about bird flu however may still be weak, especially in the vast countryside.

6. In the perspective of history, that a weak nation was bound to be beaten was an undisputed principle.

7. He said that the residential property market can be expected to remain relatively weak, with lackluster transaction volumes and a moderate decline in prices.

8. As their performance in other markets is expected to be weak, the booming Chinese market is a lifeline they can hold.

9. China is seemingly paradoxical in achieving such growth with what appear to be weak institutions.

10. Microsoft said the current quarter would probably still be weak in the markets for PCs and computer servers.

be weak in
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