because of是什么意思 because of在线翻译 because of什么意思 because of的意思 because of的翻译 because of的解释 because of的发音 because of的同义词

because of [biˈkɔz ɔv]  [bɪˈkɔz ʌv] 

because of 基本解释


因为,由于; 基于

because of 相关例句


1. Because of the storm he didn't go there.

because of 情景对话


A:How do you like the goods dispatched, by railway or by sea?
      你方将怎样发运货物,铁路还是 海运 ?

B:By sea, please. Because of the high cost of railway transportation, we prefer sea transportation.
      请 海运 发货,铁路运输费用太高,我们愿意走 海运 。

A:That's what we think.


B:I'm sorry to say that your price has soared. It's almost 20% higher than last year's.

A:That's because the price of raw materials has gone up.

B:I see. Thank you.


B:Man, that sunset is beautiful. I’ve never seen one so red.

A:Yeah, it’s pretty nice, but its so red because of air pollution.



A:Yeah, the smog from all these cars gets into the air and turns the sunlight red.


B:I never knew that.

A:Yeah, more people need to take public transportation or carpool.

because of的翻译

B:Well, we’ve already done our part.

A:Yeah, it’s your turn to drive next week. Don’t be late picking me up.

B:Don’t worry. I’m getting more sleep these days. The baby’s finally growing up a little more.

A:Well, give me a call if you can’t make it for some reason.

because of 网络解释

1. 由于:除非施加(apply)一个力来使它运动.平放(lie)在桌上的一本书,除非施加一个力来运动它,会停留(stay)在那儿.同时也知道,任何物体,一旦处于运动状态(in motion),由于(because of)它的惯性而将会继续运动.为了停止它,

2. 因为,由于:bear vt.,vi.忍受,负担 | because of因为,由于 | before prep.在...以前

because of 双语例句

1. I don't want Ichigo and Rukia to confess their love and run off into the sunset, namely because it's out of character and their intense connection, their relationship of mutual understanding and support is what I love so much about them, I don't see the need to throw romance into the mix.

2. And it just uses today's software, perhaps new versions of it at very low incremental costs, because the PC and the network are already in place.

3. However, I should spend some time to learn wushu, because wushu is one of the traditional Chinese national events.

4. The quetzal is one type of bird that could end up going extinct because of the effects of global warming.

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5. I don't think many of my birds are visitors, because they come back every day no matter what the weather, so they must be mostly resident birds.

6. Establishment of a good friend of network is necessary, because it may lead you to career success.

7. During the studying of thermal-decay of LPGs, we proposed firstly that the anneal parameter is larger than 14900, LPGs can operate steadily for 25 years under 27℃ after LPGs were annealed. Moreover, we observed for the first time that the resonance peaks in the lower-order mode of LPGs shift to red wavelength after LPGs experienced annealing or natural-decay. We believed that the phenomenon is because that the formations of LPGs don't cease when UV-exposure ceases.

8. because of

8. Long time ago, I begin to remind self not to need every day and you send out a message not asking every day to wait for you to criticize beloved safety because of my some thing that can lose, be unable to stand once more.

9. It is alsodifficult to build reliable relationship between test results and actual bearing capacityof single pile by indirect methods such as Dynamic Method, Standard PenetrationTest and Osterberg Method because of differences between load bearing mechanismsin reality and ones of those methods.

10. 4 If, however, the journey is too much for you and you are not able to bring your tithe, because the place which the LORD, your God, chooses for the abode of his name is too far for you, considering how the LORD has blessed you

11. However 1 mg/ml high concentration of SAGS did not hemolyze the whole blood because of the adsorption of plasma protein for pharmacosomes.

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12. Because they seem to be able to solve any problems and overcome any difficulties. In some sense they are the non-religious version of the mighty Lord. It's only natural that we like to imagine having somebody like that in our lives, ready to help us out when we are desperate.

13. Because Benny was a foreigner, his colleagues often made a fool of him.

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14. Our ContactForm consists of three fields: a topic, which is a choice among three options; a message, which is a character field; and a sender, which is an email field and is optional (because even anonymous feedback can be useful).
      我们的 ContactForm 包含三个字段:一个topic,它是一个三选一的选择框;一个message,它是一个文本域;还有一个sender,它是一个可选的email域(因为即使是匿名反馈也是有用的)。

15. because of在线翻译

15. In general circumstances, the airtight container will shrink because of the low temperature.

16. Still because of MYR results, we are certain that plant populations and yields, can be increased.

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17. I love you not because of who you are, but because of who i am when i am with y ou.

18. Love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with y ou.

19. because of什么意思

19. Sending Sandra a letter was out of question, because her husband might intercept it.

20. because of的意思

20. But some analysts say Cuil has potential, in part because of the pedigree of its founders.

because of 单语例句

1. Because of their personal interest, people improve their management and efficiency to achieve sustained development of the business.

2. That's because American English is such a plainspoken dialect, which is probably why it's the international language of business and the Internet.

3. She expects the domestic business will grow further next year because it is still a very small part of the firm's total trade.

4. They are retained in the SAR political establishment because the business interests want certain form of safeguards against possible encroachment.

5. Tang forecast that the banking sector's net profits might grow more than 5 percent this year because of booming loan business.

6. Dalian also is unique among similar Chinese cities in the software industry business because of its business operations model.

7. It attracts hoards of onlookers to the red car because its businessman owner parks it in the city's Shunde district.

8. It was originally built near a wharf and became a prosperous commercial center because of its location and the busy shipping business.

9. Because land resources are limited in Beijing, golf operators need to pay huge sums of money to buy up land.

10. The government has pledged to eventually free up prices, but has been reluctant to act because of inflation concerns.

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