bee是什么意思 bee在线翻译 bee什么意思 bee的意思 bee的翻译 bee的解释 bee的发音 bee的同义词 bee的反义词 bee的例句 bee的相关词组

bee [bi:]  [bi] 


bee 基本解释


名词蜜蜂; (集工作、竞赛、娱乐为一体的)聚会

bee 相关词组

1. put the bee on : 向...借钱, (美)(非正式)从...弄到钱;

2. as busy as a bee : 极忙碌;

3. a bee in one's bonnet : 奇怪而固执的想法;

bee 相关例句


1. He is as busy as a bee.

2. bee的反义词

2. He was stung by a bee.

3. The bee makes honey.

bee 网络解释

1. 苯偶姻乙醚:年华南地区苯偶姻乙醚(BEE)行业分析第五节 2009年华中地区苯偶姻乙醚(BEE)行业分析第六节 2009年西南地区苯偶姻乙醚(BEE)行业分析第七节 2009年西北地区苯偶姻乙醚(BEE)行业分析第五章 苯偶姻乙醚(BEE)行业投资与发展前景

2. 基础能量消耗:目的研究慢性阻塞性肺病(COPD)食物生热效应(TEF)的变化及其临床意义.方法运用开放式间接能量测定仪,用头罩法测定12例男性COPD基础能量消耗(BEE),测定11例男性COPD静息能量消耗(REE),

3. bee:black economic empowerment; 赋予黑人经济权利

4. bee:beijing excellence education; 北京英华卓越国际教育

5. bee:basic energy expenditure; 确定基础代谢的能量消耗

6. bee:built environmental evaluation; 建成环境评价

bee 双语例句

1. I saw a very big bee in a tree in the other side of the lake.

2. Tree new bee.....

3. One fall I gutted a bee tree that a neighbor felled.

4. bee的解释

4. Week 11 Buzz like a bee, climb the tree, DON`T FALL OFF THE TREE!

5. Buzz like a bee, climb the tree, DON`T FALL OFF THE TREE!

6. You may look at a group of cows standing under the trees or catch a bee at his early drink in a morning-glory bell, and you would laugh if any one should ask you whether you can tell and animal from a plant.

7. You may look at a group of cows standing under the trees or catch a bee at his morningask early drink in a morning-glory bell, and you would laugh if any one should ask you plant.
    whether you can tell an animal from a plant 译:你可能会看着树下的一群奶牛,或者当你捕捉牵牛花里一只正早起采蜜的蜜蜂时,若有人问你能否区分哪是动物,哪是植物,你会觉得好笑。

8. Morphine; bee venom test; spontaneous pain; antinociceptive; rat

9. Injection of bee venom into hindpaw of one side in rats can not only produce a persistent spontaneous nociception, primary heat and mechanical hyperalgesia and secondary heat hyperalgesia in the injected side, but also mirror-image heat hyperalgesia.
    在硕士课题中,作者进一步发现皮下注入蜜蜂毒诱致的镜像热痛敏具有空间的对称性和时程上的平行性(Chen and Chen 2000),并且首先证明了脊髓对侧中枢敏化介导了实验性镜像热痛敏的发生(Chen et al。,2000)。

10. When compared with control spinal cord samples taken from non-injected animals, ipsilateral expressions of 5-HT〓 receptor mRNA 1 h or 4 h after bee venom injection significantly increased by 80.94% or 37.86%, respectively. There were little changes in 5-HT〓 receptor mRNA level on the contralateral side at these two time points.
    本课题联合应用分子生物学方法(半定量RT-PCR、Western Blot)、药理学方法和行为学方法(皮下注射蜜蜂毒诱发炎性痛的行为学观察),研究了脊髓背角内5-HT〓受体在伤害性信息传递过程中的作用。

11. C. Administration of ketamine and MK-801 inior region symmetrical to the bee venom injection site on the contralateral hindpaw produced no change in the nociceptive behaviors, suggesting that the analgesic actions of keramme and MK-8Ol were not the result of systemic effects.

12. It could be that one disease, perhaps a new type of lurgy, invites the others to infect the bee, or that a pesticide performs this role.

13. It could be th a t one dise a se, perh a ps a new type of lurgy, invites the others to infect the bee, or th a t a pesticide performs this role.

14. Royal Jelly - For the best bee in your life.
      蜂王浆 -为了获得最佳的蜜蜂在你的生活。

15. Yantai Fuming Bee Products Co., Ltd is a largebee products enterprise in China, which mainly produces and sells a series of bee products, such as bee honey, royal jelly, bee pollen, propolis and so on. We also produce and export vegetables and beverages made from bee products, vegetables and fruits.
      简 介:烟台福明蜂产品有限公司是烟台大型蜂产品生产企业,主要生产销售蜂蜜、蜂王浆、蜂花粉、蜂胶等系列蜂产品,各类蔬菜和以蜂蜜、果蔬为原料的饮料制品。

16. The royal jelly is the secretion from the bee milk gland of young worker, which is a serum substance, with sour, astringent and piquancy tastes, and which is the food for queen bee and early little bee.

17. But a third is in a manner not to concious of it, but is like the vine that has borne a cluster of grapes, and when it has once borne its due fruit looks for no reward beyong, as it is with a steed when it has run its course, a hound when it has singled out the trail, a bee when she hath made her comb.

18. In the meantime, the bee, flying hither and thither, appeared before Her again.

19. Is like a bee captured in a net

20. She was in full mourning due to separation from Krsna and felt ecstasy by talking with the bee.

bee 词典解释

1. 蜜蜂
    A bee is an insect with a yellow-and-black striped body that makes a buzzing noise as it flies. Bees make honey, and can sting.

2. 痴迷于…;对…念念不忘
    If you have a bee in your bonnet about something, you are so enthusiastic or worried about it that you keep mentioning it or thinking about it.

    e.g. He's got a bee in his bonnet about factory farming.

3. (进行缝纫等比赛或集体活动的)聚会
    A bee is a social event where people get together for a competition or to do something such as sew.


    e.g. That year I won first prize in the spelling bee...
    e.g. ...a group of friends at a quilting bee.

bee 单语例句

1. It is home to many rare wild flowers and insects, including the Bee Orchid and the vibrant Adonis Blue butterfly.

2. Rescue center staff have grown to think of the bee monkey as their adoptive child.

3. Actress and " Queen Bee of Tweeting " Yao Chen has been begging for a ticket home.

4. I began with " book " and " bee " when I was 10.

5. Each hive has only one queen bee and her sole job is to produce grubs that will mature into either drones or worker bees.

6. Being stung by a bee would have most people rushing to hospital, expect at one Beijing clinic where patients queue up to be pricked into good health.

7. The owner of the bicycle had to call a beekeeper, who used a honeycomb to first attract the queen bee before clearing the hive.

8. When you are seen as yet another faceless worker bee fulfilling a job function, there may be greener pastures elsewhere.

9. The newborn bee monkey weighed only 13 grams when it was sent to the rescue center a week ago.

10. Bee slept with the man but her sudden loss of control raised her suspicions about what was in the instant coffee.

bee 英英释义


1. any of numerous hairy-bodied insects including social and solitary species

2. a social gathering to carry out some communal task or to hold competitions

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