chemistry是什么意思 chemistry在线翻译 chemistry什么意思 chemistry的意思 chemistry的翻译 chemistry的解释 chemistry的发音 chemistry的同义词

chemistry [ˈkemɪstri]  [ˈkɛmɪstri] 


chemistry 基本解释

名词化学; 物质的化学组成(或性质),化学作用(现象); (常指有强烈性吸引力的)两人间的关系; 〈比喻〉神秘的变化(过程)

chemistry 相关例句


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1. He is knowledgeable about the chemistry of metals.

chemistry 网络解释

1. chemistry

1. 化学系:5位成员 最新动态: 1 月 17成员来自化学系(Chemistry)有和人发系(Human Development and Family Studies),因此我们将队名命名为C2H4!希望藉由C2H4催熟特性,在ATCC参赛过程中,像未饱和基一样吸收各界知识和经验!

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2. Biology course is Chinese and English contrast:关键字:化学 ,Chemistry ,生态学 ,生物化学 ,食品. Biology course is Chinese and English contrast | 现代激光医学 Modern Laser Medicine | 生物医学光子学 Biomedicine Photonics

chemistry 双语例句

1. Ministry of Education Key Laboratory of Analysis and Detection Technology for Food Safety, and Department of Chemistry, Fuzhou University, Fuzhou 350002
    作者:吴晓苹张维刘毅苏庆梅孙士昌陈国南作者单位:福州大学化学系,食品安全分析与检测技术教育部重点实验室,福州 350002

2. Liu SH%Norris DM%Lyne P Volatiles from the foliage of soybean, Glycine max, and lima bean, Phaseolus lunatus: their behavioral effects on the insects Trichoplusia ni and Epilachna varivestis 10.1021/jf00086a050 Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 1989, null

3. www.4l2ml3mv.com

3. This is the website of Guangzhou Zhujiang Biology Chemistry Reagents Corporation.

4. I recommend this book to anyone with an interest in chemistry.

5. The article raised the concrete content and method of operational examination of analytical chemistry experiment.

6. chemistry的反义词

6. Chemistry Teaching; Cooperative Learning; STAD; Teaching model
    化学教学;合作学习; STAD 法;教学模式

7. Thirty-six male Sprague-Dawley rats were randomly divided into four groups: Normal, Model, SIN and TWP group. 24h urine protein was determined with the trichloroacetic acid turbidimetry. SerumTP, Alb, TC, TG, HDL, LDL, BUN, Scr were assayed with the automaticbiochemistry analyzer. Each group of the mesangiu area and the membrane cell and the extracellular matrix were observed with light microscope, electron microscope. The expression of TNF-αwas observed with the immunohistochemical staining and reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction. The sectionof HE, Masson, PAS staining and immunohisto- chemistry staining was analyzed with the pathology image analysis system.

8. And this is also why MBAs and arranged marriages go together like tea and samosas arranged marriages, after all, are exercises in commerce rather than chemistry.

9. Department of Chemistry, Xixi Campus Zhejiang University; School of Vocational and Technique, Zhejiang University of Technology

10. The unique physical chemistry properties of TiO_2 nanotube films derived from high surface-to-volume ratios and specific architectures, making them of great applicable potential in the fields of photocatalysis, gas sensing, photoelectrolysis, and photovoltaics. Therefore, the fabrication of TiO_2 nanotube films and the exploration of their potential in practical application have been attracting more and more attention.

11. chemistry

11. The development and use of cleaning coal technology are one of the significant projects in green chemistry and in carrying out the strategy of sustainable development. It has great significance in carrying forward the sustainable development culture, and...

12. danci.911cha.com

12. His research interests include Supramolecular chemistry and Hydrogen peroxide organic oxidizer.

13. In order to solve the problems, some measures are carried out such as the on-line cleanout of slag conduit, the rebuilding of the medicament accession system, the scale-stopping dealing of slag water, the reuse of chemistry waster water, which accomplish significant social and economical benefits.

14. The secretary of Jiangsu provincial Party committee Yuanchao Li meets the top leaders of Indian INOX Group and Jijilate fluorin Chemistry Company, and attends the signing ceremony.

15. I'm not conversant with chemistry because I've never studied it.

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16. This review on organobismuth chemistry is carried out as the following four aspects:(1) the molecular structure characteristics and synthesis of new organobismuth compounds; (2) as reagents for cross-coupling, oxidation, arylation, and other reactions; (3) as catalysts for organic synthesis; (4) as medicines for the treatment of ulcers, anti-tumor and radio-therapy, etc.

17. chemistry

17. The chemistry behavior research of wollastonite indicated that the silicon-potassium fertilizer has a chemical active in organic acid. The factors affecting manurial effect of silicon-potassium fertilizer are not only soil pH and desilicification, but also content and type of organ in the soil. Wollastonite chemistry behavior indicates that silicic acid can be dissolved out from silicon-potassium fertilizer in chlorhydric acid solution if pH of solution is not smaller than 2. The drop of apparent density, increase of DBP sorptive rate and specific surface for leavings indicate that hydrated silicon oxide is polyporous, and those mineralogic feature presignify that silicon-potassium fertilizer has a role of conservation of both Moisture and Fertility and improving soil structure. After active ingredient releasing, silicon-potassium fertilizer leaves half the substance (non-active ingredient)in soil.

18. Silica nanoparticles modified with organic compound containing double bonds was synthesized by surface modifying in situ and the structure was characterized by Transmission electron microscopy, X-ray powder diffraction, Fourier transform infrared spectrum and chemistry analysis. Dispersivity of the nanoparticle was studied by measuring light transmittance, and friction reducing and anti-wear behavior of the silica used as additive in lubricant were analyzed on wear tester.

19. He got good grades in the school, especially in biology and chemistry, which was a great comfort.

20. chemistry的意思

20. This park lies in the north of the county, which is 40 kilometers to the county town and facing the HuanghuaPort that is the national port. The park is the birthplace of NationalEcologicalIndustryParadigmPark and repeating economy. LuBei Enterprise Group lies in the park, which gathers salt chemistry, oil chemistry, coal chemistry and electricity. It is the national environmental enterprise and the model of repeating economy.

chemistry 词典解释

1. 化学
    Chemistry is the scientific study of the structure of substances and of the way that they react with other substances.

2. (物质的)化学组成,化学成分,化学反应
    The chemistry of an organism or a material is the chemical substances that make it up and the chemical reactions that go on inside it.


    e.g. We have literally altered the chemistry of our planet's atmosphere...
    e.g. If the supply of vitamins and minerals in the diet is inadequate, this will result in changes in body chemistry.

3. (互相之间的)吸引,亲密
    If you say that there is chemistry between two people, you mean that is obvious they are attracted to each other or like each other very much.

    e.g. ...the extraordinary chemistry between Ingrid and Bogart...
    e.g. Janis and I became friends but we were never close. The chemistry wasn't there.

chemistry 单语例句

1. Many of the volunteer programs that the chemistry major initiated are still running including one that has reached out far beyond the campus grounds.

2. Since October 2002, it has worked with Korea Academy of Research in Chemistry to develop the catalyzer.

3. The pair play husband and wife in the adaptation of John Grogan's memoir, and sources say there is growing chemistry between them off screen.

4. Xu is " the father of Chinese rare earth chemistry ", the Xinhua News Agency said.

5. In a society that is now morally wide open and full of pressure and temptations, constant separation will harm the chemistry between spouses.

6. Also attending the contest is last year's female champion Juliet Lee, a former chemistry professor in China who now owns a salon in Maryland.

7. The announcement ended years of speculation about China's most romantic sporting couple, whose chemistry on and off the ice has fascinated Chinese fans.

8. The group members have all excelled individually in different musical fields and this has helped them develop a particular musical chemistry.

9. Police say a dozen students and a teacher have been injured by an explosion in a high school chemistry class in central Germany.

10. This is the application of science to the art of cooking, and involves playing with physics and chemistry as much as with a wok and pan.

chemistry 英英释义



1. the science of matter
    the branch of the natural sciences dealing with the composition of substances and their properties and reactions

    Synonym: chemical science

2. the way two individuals relate to each other

    e.g. their chemistry was wrong from the beginning -- they hated each other
           a mysterious alchemy brought them together

    Synonym: interpersonal chemistryalchemy

3. the chemical composition and properties of a substance or object

    e.g. the chemistry of soil

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