clay是什么意思 clay在线翻译 clay什么意思 clay的意思 clay的翻译 clay的解释 clay的发音 clay的同义词 clay的反义词 clay的例句 clay的相关词组

clay [kleɪ]  [kle] 


clay 基本解释

名词黏土,泥土; (相对于灵魂而言的)人体,肉体; 似黏土的东西; 克莱(男子名, Clayton 的昵称)


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clay 相关例句


1. We make bricks from clay.

clay 网络解释

1. 粘土:在深处熔成岩浆,沿著裂缝向外喷出,熔岩灰在高温经过沉淀持续冷却收缩,因收缩产生拉力,以最佳凝固形态-变成现在的(凝灰岩tuff)六角形柱状节理(columnar joint).(粘土(clay) 乾固时也会出现蜂巢状态.)你可以闭上眼睛,

2. 黏土:泥土是万物的根源,黏土(Clay)更是泥土中的精华,上帝用泥土捏出了人,科学家也推论,生命的起源-氨基酸,也是因为黏土才得已聚合成形. 2003年中兴大学化工所所长 林江珍 教授(现任台大高分子所教授及中学大学奈米中心主任)发表了奈米矽片,

3. 泥土:个人觉得第1题是C,泥土(CLAY)、种子(SEED)在英语中都是简单的单词,是为了强调海伦学这些简单的单词也要付出比常人多无数倍的努力. 第3题和第2题一样,表示有特殊含义. 至于D,我在讲解时例举了一些用于讽刺手法的引号.

4. clay

4. 克莱:2000年,克莱(clay)数学研究所,一个旨在推动数学研究的私人机构,将庞卡来猜想定为数学领域的7个最重要的问题之一,任何最终解决这个猜想的人将获得100万美元的奖金.

clay 双语例句

1. 911查询·申博在线

1. Compacted structureless clay soils can be flocculated by the addition of neutral salts, particularly of calcium.

2. With plain strain finite element method, the characteristic of double-row pile of excavation of foundation pit in soil clay is studied.

3. When empress Dowager Cixi celebrated her 60th birthday, the local officer of Huishan presented a clay figurine set, Immortality Peach Gathering.

4. In dealing with the form and structure, I have give much attention to the flowing interaction between the inner and outer spaces in order to leave viewers a space for their imagination. As for the textures and surface effects, I have tried my best to retain and present the marks of clay and fire to express my complicated feelings and experiences in an abstract form of space full of great vicissitudes and profundity. In the contemporary civilized society, I have cherished such complicated feelings towards the Chinese culture, being yearning, but perplexed, sweet and bitter, intimate and remote.

5. Dawe B%Oswald T Reduced Adsorption and Separation of Blended Surfactants on Sand and Clay Journal of Canadian Petroleum Technology, 1991, 02
    朴玲钰%付晓%杨雅立%陶国宏%寇元离子液体的酸性测定及其催化的二苯醚/十二烯烷基化反应 10.3321/j.issn:0253-9837.2004.01.011 催化学报,2004,01

6. The clay was put into a trough and mixed and beaten and sti rred and trampled. It seemed almost unbearable.

7. clay的解释

7. Then necessity and feasibility of determining clay content and shale content are studied with different logging response curves.

8. clay的近义词

8. Water, Kaolin clay, Magnesium aluminum silicate, Vegetable glycerin, Witch hazel distillate, Titanium dioxide, Hectorite, Rosehip oil, Citric acid, Rose geranium oil.

9. The cement-flyash-gravel pile is widely used in the collapsible loess, clay soil, silt and sandy soil, whether it is suitable in the artificial filled soil and silty clay isn t recognized.

10. clay的翻译

10. The main diagenetic change of quartz in research section is secondary growth and corrosion; the main diagenetic change of feldspar is secondary growth, clay mineralization, carbonatation and dissolution.

11. I'm not the same clay as them; for me FLASH could serve as a carrier of art, he said.

12. U. S. production of common clay and shale declined by 2.1% to 23.2 Mt valued at $129 million.

13. The swelling of clay shale is an important problem in many fields, such as road, slope and underground structure.
      前 言泥质页岩膨胀是地质工程应用中一个重要问题,它可能引起建筑、道路和地下结构的损坏。

14. clay

14. As the coal ash is similar in composition to the clay or shale, it can stay in the cement clinker.

15. They were created by hydrothermal processes that are found in black shale clay dating back 120 million years.

16. The principal direction of small-scale movement is from a shale or clay to a sandstone or other permeable bed.

17. It is a finely ground powder made by burning and grinding a limestone mixed with clay or shale.

18. A rock containing clay materials and calcium and magnesium carbonate s, with approximately the same composition as marl.

19. A rock containing clay materials and calcium and magnesium carbonates, with approximately the same composition as marl.

20. clay

20. He answered: That man that is called Jesus made clay, and anointed my eyes, and said to me: Go to the pool of Siloe, and wash. And I went, I washed, and I see.

clay 词典解释

1. 黏土;陶土
    Clay is a kind of earth that is soft when it is wet and hard when it is dry. Clay is shaped and baked to make things such as pots and bricks.


    e.g. ...the heavy clay soils of Cambridgeshire...
    e.g. As the wheel turned, the potter shaped and squeezed the lump of clay into a graceful shape.

2. 红土网球场;沙地网球场
    In tennis, matches played on clay are played on courts whose surface is covered with finely crushed stones or brick.

    e.g. Most tennis is played on hard courts, but a substantial amount is played on clay...
    e.g. He was a clay-court specialist who won Wimbledon five times.

3. (受人崇仰的人的)不为人知的严重缺点(或缺陷)
    If you say that a person who is respected or admired has feet of clay or has clay feet, you mean that they have serious faults which you or other people did not know about before.

    e.g. When those idols are found to have feet of clay, the pain of disenchantment can be profound.

clay 单语例句

1. His manager Jim Wicks, said Clay had butted Cooper with his head and should be disqualified.

2. Chinese folk artists were performing Chinese calligraphy and paper cutting, making traditional clay figures and tying Chinese knots in the departure hall.

3. The center have invited successors of intangible heritages to teach dough carving, clay carving and egg carving to kids.

4. This is followed by a tasty chicken broth soup with Chinese caterpillar fungus in it, served in a typical Chinese purple clay teapot.

5. Large numbers of unearthed celadon clay pots were dug out of the Dragon Kiln.

6. This episode introduces soft ceramic art, in which artists create objects by shaping clay and heating it with fire.

7. It is here that ceramic artist Han Fang helps showcase the art's finest forms in a series of clay sculptures.

8. His biggest stumble came in the second game of the final set, when he slipped and fell chasing a shot and scraped his knee on the clay.

9. The statues were not prone to mildew as they were made of inorganic china clay.

10. Compared with those found in northern China, clay figurines made in Huishan are short and their facial expressions are vividly depicted.

clay 英英释义



1. the dead body of a human being

    e.g. the cadaver was intended for dissection
           the end of the police search was the discovery of a corpse
           the murderer confessed that he threw the stiff in the river
           honor comes to bless the turf that wraps their clay

    Synonym: cadavercorpsestiffremains

2. a very fine-grained soil that is plastic when moist but hard when fired

3. water soaked soil
    soft wet earth

    Synonym: mud

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