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1. 金融:炒股联盟 能源(energy) 石油行业 煤炭行业 发电设备 主要消费(consumer staples) 食品行业 农林牧渔 酿酒行业 金融(financials) 健康护理(h.

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2. 融:金融(Financials)下注向任何会员支付的最高彩金为美金180,000(或我们根据我们银行所公布的汇率不时确定的其他等额货币. )用户不得就博彩网站或博彩服务的任何部分设置链接、深链接或文中链接(deep or in-line links)、或框入(frame)博彩资讯.

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3. 财务状况:客户档案 Account Profile | 财务状况 Financials | 组织机构图 Organization Chart

4. financials

4. 金融股:listed stock 上市股票 4^^zvh | financials 金融股 1{1. | properties 地产股 U

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1. By sector, commodity, financials and real estate outperformed, while rubber and retail underperformed.

2. financials

2. As an analyst, it is my job to do fundamental research and call it as I see it, and my bailiwick is financials.

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3. Commentary: implementing the peoplesoft human resources and financials at spokane country public works 资料来源: edpacs: the edp audit, control and security newsletter 27, no.
    顾客满意与人力资源管理,商业研究,2001 ,06关键业绩指标在人力资源管理中的应用,通信世界,2002 ,07

4. Prior to the concept of ERP systems, departments within an organization for example, the Human Resources (HR department, the Payroll department, and the Financials department would have their own computer systems.

5. It's still falling. But just as financials lead on the downside, they will lead on the upside.

6. These commodities are requested by third party coorespondence and LAM Financials provides the search and locate mechanisms to obtain the requested commodities at the best value.

7. It shows you the actual text, financials, and charts for the business.

8. Throw in the secret financials and maybe it's 15%.

9. B. Business status, financials, and the outlook of the company.

10. IDES not only covers the Logistics area, but also Financials, and Human Resources.
    v IDES不仅包括了后勤的部分,还包括了财务和人力资源。

11. Business status, financials, and the outlook of the company.

12. As an internal auditor if I were asked to audit a business unit, I would cover every aspect of that unit, and certainly a major piece would be the financials.

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13. You need financials even to just see what the operating expenses are.

14. Paul McKibben, a senior business systems analyst with IMC Holdings, says the Geac solution consolidates pertinent information via the Web, allowing IMC decision-makers to see, on one Web page, a tab with sales analysis, a tab for sales data for today or historically, and another tab for financials, worldwide or by separate companies.
      IMC Holdings 的高级业务系统分析员Paul McKibben说,Geac方案通过网络整合了各种相关信息,使决策者只要点击一下网页上的相应标签,就能看到整个集团或每个分公司的销售情况分析、当日及往日销售数据和财务数据等。

15. Frankly, I am concerned about his financials.

16. For the very long term, I think the financials are cheap.

17. I think the move in financials, mostly over the last four to six weeks, is primarily a sigh of relief.

18. Both Jameson and Marks agree that duplication of effort on the part of IA and EA is neither desired or imminent in the wake of increased focus on corporate fraud and CEO/CFO certification of financials.

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19. And Consumer Staples in Malaysia outweighed positive contribution from Financials and Industrials in Australia, and Materials in Australia and

20. danci.911cha.com

20. Some businesses do not want to give you any financials.

financials 单语例句


1. Financials were not disclosed, but an opening of that caliber normally fetches about $ 24 million.

2. Financials remained weak although earlier reports said the government may ease credit control on banks to support domestic enterprises.

3. Its earnings indicated that investors perhaps had at times been overly dour in their assessment of financials.

4. Financials are still the leading sector for Fidelity China Focus and GAM Star China funds.

5. Mainland financials such as China Construction Bank and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China estimated their first half profits will jump more than 50 percent.

6. The lender has kicked off the earnings season for mainland financials with relatively bright results.

7. Chinese financials extended Friday's sharp rally after the mainland government said it would rope in sovereign wealth funds to buy shares in listed companies.

8. Strong financials and property stocks led mainland shares higher yesterday, although turnover remained thin while oil refiners and steel makers sagged.

9. It was one big deal in the finance sector that dramatically changed the investment mix toward financials.

10. Wall Street moved lower Tuesday, as financials and commodity stocks retreated after stocks posted their biggest gains in five months.

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