get off是什么意思 get off在线翻译 get off什么意思 get off的意思 get off的翻译 get off的解释 get off的发音 get off的同义词 get off的反义词

get off [ɡet ɔf]  [ɡɛt ɔf] 

get off 基本解释

离开; 下(车、马等); 发出; (使)入睡

get off 相关例句


1. They got off immediately after lunch.

2. The boy got off.

get off 情景对话


A:I’m going to Beihai Park. Is this the right bus, please?

B:No, you’re going the wrong way. You want a 103 from Beijing Zoo.
      不,您弄错了。您得在动物园坐103 路车。

A:How can I get it,please?


B:You get off at the next stop, cross the street, and you’ll find the stop not far on your right hand side.

A:Could I have a transfer, please?

B:Here you are.

A:Thank you.

Traffic Jam-(交通堵塞)

B:Oh, damn. There’s another traffic jam on the highway.

A:How can there be a traffic jam on a 16-lane highway every day?

B:There are just too many people, and too many cars.

A:I wonder if there was an accident.

get off的近义词

B:No, they just said it too many people were trying to get off at the Capitol exits.

A:Well, let’s put on some music. We’re going to be stuck in this for a while.

B:All right, what do you want to listen to?

A:How about some Beatles?

get off

B:Yeah, all right.


get off的翻译

A:Oh! At last we are in the Big Apple! Now we have to take a subway to get to the Village. Don't we need to buy a subway map?

B:Yes, but I think we can get it free at the subway station, at the token booth.

A:Can I have ten tokens? And also can I get a free subway map?


C:Sure. Here's a pack of ten tokens, twelve-fifty, and this is your subway map.

get off的解释

A:Thank you.We are going to the East Village. Which train should we take?

get off什么意思

C:Take the No. 8 train and get off at Astor Place.


A:Thanks a lot.

get off 网络解释

1. 下车:乘客 (passenger) 下车必须经过售票员面前的一个转盘,付了车费才能下车(get off),小孩只要钻得过去,就可以免票. 许多车站设有自动售票处 (ticket office),乘客可以利用候车时间通过机器 (machine) 先购好票. 有些车站还设立电子显示牌,

2. get off

2. 开始:专辑中每首歌曲都非常悦耳,但却不像某些乐队那样陷入一个相似的旋律套子中转来转去,而主唱科特尼.泰勒一泰勒(Courtney Tay1or-Tay1or)的演唱也变化多端,在<<酷景>>(Coo1 Scene)、<<开始>>(Get off)和<<无神论>>(God1ess)中,

3. www.4l2ml3mv.com

3. 动身:get a rain check 因雨停赛时送给观众下次非赢利性来看的票(另一次机遇) | get off 动身 | get one for the team 为了全队挨一下(为了集体利益,牺牲一自己利益)

get off 双语例句

1. Household possessions and interior design can be damaged as follows: Mud and silt get possessions and valuables dirty Paint and wall coverings peel off Floor tiles are lifted Panels wrap Carpets stain and rot Furnishings such as textiles and furniture stain Books, pho tographs, paintings become extremely fragile Property value decreases after being wet.

2. If I break off this unfulfilling relationship, it could take years to get back on my feet again.

3. When a customer arrives, she gets up and greets him with a sloppy kiss before they head off for a shower and then get into the action.

4. get off在线翻译

4. Sometimes, you spend an ocean of time looking for somethingbut just get nothing; later when it has almostbeen off your mind, you find it in hand.

5. get off的解释

5. Let's get rid of the stink of horse off you.

6. Now I use the EEE PC on and off all day, it is constantly switched on and connected to my wireless LAN in my house, every time I leave the house it gets thrown into my bag along with my mobile phone, if I find myself with a few minutes to spare during the day, maybe drinking coffee in a cafe or waiting for a doctor in the hospital then I can whip it out and get some work done.

7. get off是什么意思

7. When you keep up an Internet cafe, or simply want your users to get access that is limited in time, a perfect way is to issue a time locking code that is valid for a certain period and will automatically log off user and close all his or her programs.

8. get off的近义词

8. Some people try to get in extra exercise by toting a couple of light dumbbells, but fitness-walking experts say that's risky: The weights can pull you off balance and strain muscles in your back or legs.

9. It's about a journey, it's about a trip, Jayson has been assigned to go get the Golden Fleece, so he gets together a team of guys and off they go on these many adventures.

10. www.4l2ml3mv.com

10. You may as well get a job and save some money and then pay off your student debt.

11. get off的反义词

11. Jane:Oh, please, Jane, Get off your high horse.

12. Last night Bessi had bent his rim so the air got out, making a flat. After taking off the tire Dagur is able to use a sledge hammer to get it back into proper shape, stopping the leak.

13. get off

13. In the second, they don't even get a hit off.

14. I just hope to notch up a bunch of goals this season and hopefully get off my mark in Europe.

15. \u0064\u0061\u006E\u0063\u0069\u002E\u0039\u0031\u0031\u0063\u0068\u0061\u002E\u0063\u006F\u006D

15. You don't get summers off and very few employers are interested in helping you FIND YOURSELF.

16. get off的意思

16. Problems do arise when you have a prescription filled by that pharmacist in the retail store, have another refilled at the corner drug store where you normally go, get still another off the Internet or through mail-order because it is cheaper.
      当你在一间店里配了处方后,到你原来常去的药房或是上网、邮购 refill*问题就会发生。

17. Best trip in Bangkok was a river boat trip on the public boats - from central pier adjacent to Saphan Taksin BRT station - Bt13 for any length - great to travel with locals and monks and just get on/off as you please.

18. You'll get the whole refund if the portage is hold off.

19. SHAOYAOJU is a transfer station. Pessengers for line 13.Please prepare to get off.

20. get off的近义词

20. Because if he knows you are gay and is cool with it and epts you as you are then your friendship with him is so much more important than a relationship. I think that if he is the kind of person that feels things like you say he does then maybe you should tell him how you feel jsut so you can get it off of your chest and if he doesn''t have any feelings then so be it, bu this doesn''t seem like the kind of person that would just push you away like that, althoug there are many like that. I think maybe instead of looking to him as a potential lover you should look to him as a friend because that is what he is. If you keep doing that then eventually you will jsut think of him as a friend.

get off 词典解释

1. 免受惩罚;逃脱(严厉的)惩罚
    If someone who has broken a law or rule gets off, they are not punished, or are given only a very small punishment.

get off的反义词

    e.g. He is likely to get off with a small fine.

2. 出发;离开
    If you get off, you leave a place because it is time to leave.

    e.g. At eight I said 'I'm getting off now.'

3. 走开;离开
    If you tell someone to get off a piece of land or a property, you are telling them to leave, because they have no right to be there and you do not want them there.

    e.g. I told you. Get off the farm.

4. 把手拿开;别碰
    You can tell someone to get off when they are touching something and you do not want them to.

    e.g. I kept telling him to get off...
    e.g. 'Get off me!' I screamed.

5. 入睡
    If you get off, or get off to sleep, you succeed in falling asleep.

get off 单语例句

1. My gut reaction upon hearing of garlic's rise was to get off my butt and go buy as much as I could.

2. Shipping the coal by sea is expected to get some of trucks off the road.

3. He said he may call off efforts to get on Motorola's board if it does a huge buyback.

4. Nearby a crowd mobbed a man on a pay phone, screaming at him to get off the phone so that they could call relatives.

5. Just remember that you want to avoid breaking the skin and get as much meat off the carcass as possible.

6. We have to check it from spreading further, if we cannot get rid off totally.

7. Some passengers already aboard planes were asked to get off and go through security check a second time.

8. Blake recently vowed to do " whatever it takes " to get Amy off drugs because he feels responsible for her addiction.

9. Commissioners passed a measure that would close county offices for the new annual holiday and its roughly 40 workers will get a paid day off.

10. The two guards used their own bodies to fend off her fans, demanding them not to get too close.

get off 英英释义


1. escape potentially unpleasant consequences
    get away with a forbidden action

    e.g. She gets away with murder!
           I couldn't get out from under these responsibilities

    Synonym: get awayget byget outescape

2. cause to be acquitted
    get off the hook
    in a legal case

    e.g. The lawyer got him off, even though there was no doubt in everybody's mind that he killed his wife

3. deliver verbally

    e.g. He got off the best line I've heard in a long time

4. transfer

    e.g. The spy sent the classified information off to Russia

    Synonym: sendsend off

5. get high, stoned, or drugged

    e.g. He trips every weekend

    Synonym: triptrip outturn on

6. send via the postal service

    e.g. I'll mail you the check tomorrow

    Synonym: mail

7. get out of quickly

    e.g. The officer hopped out when he spotted an illegally parked car

    Synonym: hop out

8. alight from (a horse)

    Synonym: 威廉希尔williamhilldismountlightget down

9. leave a vehicle, aircraft, etc.

10. enjoy in a sexual way

    e.g. He gets off on shoes

11. be relieved of one's duties temporarily

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