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graduation ceremony是什么意思 graduation ceremony在线翻译 graduation ceremony什么意思 graduation ceremony的意思 graduation ceremony的翻译

graduation ceremony [ˈgrædʒu:ˈeɪʃən ˈseriməni]  [ˈɡrædʒuˈeʃən ˈsɛrəˌmoni] 

graduation ceremony 基本解释


graduation ceremony 网络解释

1. 毕业设计:毕业论文 thesis; dissertation | 毕业设计 graduation ceremony | 毕业生 graduate

2. graduation ceremony是什么意思

2. 毕业典礼:graduation announcements 参加毕业晚会的请柬 | graduation ceremony 毕业典礼 | graduation party 毕业晚会

3. 毕业庆典:wedding 结婚 | graduation ceremony 毕业庆典 | banquet 宴会

4. 毕业典礼妆:-Interview make up 面试妆 | -Graduation Ceremony 毕业典礼妆 | -Tropical make up 热带沙滩妆

graduation ceremony 双语例句

1. That was part of a speech First Lady Michelle Obama gave last month at a graduation ceremony at the University of California, Merced.

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2. After a final examination, you will be invited to take part in a Graduation Ceremony and will receive the certificate you work for.

3. There are many people who should be thanked today, as it is due to their hard work and dedication that this graduation ceremony is possible.

4. My graduation ceremony which will hold on this Thur.; I have to pack all my stuff cuz I'll

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5. Professor Li has given a brief speech at the graduation ceremony, his speech impressed upon my memory deeply.

6. graduation ceremony的翻译

6. I want to congratulate you on graduation ceremony.

7. The chorus sings not only on the common church service and Christmas Eve, but also on other grand ceremony. For example, In 2005 the group sang songs 《 The Holy Savior 》、《 Incamation 》 on the completion celebration of Gulou Church, In 2008 the chorus performed songs 《 Sing Out Your Joy to God 》 and 《 Charles Gounod, 1818-1893》, on the Hangzhou Christian Hymns Groups Exchanging Conference which was held by ChongYi Church. On April 22nd, 2009 the group attended Zhang Weiqiao`s Master Graduation Concert and performed the anthems 《 Commit the Heavy Burdens to the LORD 》、《 Charles Gounod 》、《 Sing Out Your Joy to God 》、《 The Angel Song 》、《 Pure Natus 》
    城北堂圣歌团除了完成在教会平常礼拜时和历年在圣诞节的圣乐崇拜献唱之外,也于2005年杭州基督教会鼓楼堂的新堂落成庆典上献唱了《神圣救主》、《道生肉身》等曲;2008年杭州基督教会崇一堂举行的全杭州教会圣歌团交流会中献唱了弥赛亚神曲《向耶和华歌唱》和《上主怜悯我们》( Charles Gounod ,1818-1893年)等曲,2009年4月22日在杭州音乐厅参加了杭州师范大学音乐学院2009届合唱指挥硕士研究生张维巧老师的毕业音乐会,并献演了《将你重担交托主》、《上主怜悯我们》、《向耶和华歌唱》、《天使歌声》、《天赐纯恩》等歌曲。

8. graduation ceremony

8. The Graduation Ceremony and New Year Party will be held at Somers High School on 1/5/2002.
    本学期毕业典礼及新年晚会将於 1/5/2002在 Somers High School 举行。

9. graduation ceremony的反义词

9. Standing on the steps of Sydney`s town hall, Eddie Meng waves his mortar board as some of his fellow Chinese students take pictures of him before his graduation ceremony.

10. It''s my great honor to attend this grand graduation ceremony.

11. graduation ceremony

11. The students had to wear gown s at the graduation ceremony.

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12. Over the graduation ceremony of the word string, to help you master English translation ah!

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13. I can hardly wait for our graduation ceremony.

14. In particular Mr Gong Jianzhong, the Chinese Consul General in Manchester who kindly welcomed our Chinese students who graduate today almost 2 years ago, when he officially opened the Towers International Centre in Grimsby with Mr Austin Mitchell MP; and today, Mr and Mrs Gong have been very kind once again as coming to attend the graduation ceremony of our 1st group of Chinese students in Grimsby, to witness the historic event and join our celebrations, we feel extremely privileged and grateful as they are presenting China as a nation where we call it motherland.

15. graduation ceremony什么意思

15. English vocabulary and dialogues It''s my great honor to attend this grand graduation ceremony.

16. graduation ceremony

16. In the graduation ceremony, the principal to the outstanding students awarded certificates and prizes.

17. The Ceremony will be run according to the University's Western graduation traditions, in full regalia.
      为了感谢家长与亲朋好友对我们中国籍毕业生在澳求学期间所给予的全力支持,蒙纳士大学北京2009 毕业典礼将完全按照传统的西方典礼程序进行,校长与院长们将与家长亲朋们共同庆祝毕业生成功的完成学业暨迈入人生的新篇章。

18. Later I was invited by the school to assist in decorating graduation ceremony of that school year.

19. After the graduation ceremony, our activities also moved from Salon Etoile to Salon Monceau, where a small cocktail party is hold. Here classmates can enjoy more champagne and drinks, while having more chatting and pictures...

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20. Not all of the students, mind you, are willing to attend the graduation ceremony so the school has to require that all graduating students attend the ceremony if they want to receive a diploma.

graduation ceremony 单语例句

1. Media speculation reached fever pitch after she attended William's graduation ceremony at Sandhurst.

2. He made the rare revelation about his closely guarded family life during a speech at a university graduation ceremony.

3. Xie said they could miss their graduation ceremony and stay at home until middle school begins in September.

4. He relayed the positive result several times to his own family, who traveled with him to China for the graduation ceremony.

5. Twelve people were killed in a stampede during a Sudanese national service graduation ceremony, a security source said yesterday.

6. " It's absolutely no way to exchange the two Thai activists with the arrested Cambodian, " he told a graduation ceremony at the Technical School of Medicine.

7. He missed both the graduation exam and ceremony, which was the last straw for his parents.

8. One of them completed a training course in the Police Tactical Unit and Yam was invited to the graduation ceremony on May 25.

9. Hun Sen made the remarks at the graduation ceremony of Norton University.

10. Media reported that Wang's daughter had been studying in the US and Wang got a passport and visa to attend his daughter's graduation ceremony.

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