heroine是什么意思 heroine在线翻译 heroine什么意思 heroine的意思 heroine的翻译 heroine的解释 heroine的发音 heroine的同义词 heroine的反义词

heroine [ˈherəʊɪn]  [ˈheroʊɪn] 


heroine 基本解释

名词女主角; 女英雄; 女杰出人物

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heroine 双语例句

1. Coventry Patmore, Dickenss contemporary, in his popular domestic epic The Angel in the House (1854-6), celebrates the virtues of the middle-class heroine Hornoria and her affinity with her father and her husband.

2. While the heroine Odelia Fiennes is a typical school girl, kind-hearted and considerate. They had spent three years in junior high school.
    而主角Odelia Fiennes则是典型的校园女生形象,心地善良且善解人意。

3. Obviously, the heroine from here to a town, it shows in the subconscious he desires to into the crowd, longing for security and further explains the character, often hero withdrawn people want most others care.

4. Armor and then get back to that scene, take the following path can be Honglian the hammer, this is the best shield build props, and now do not rush back to the village to supply (as much as possible to fight skeletons, you can point the ore is more money, upgrade equipment and buy good items), continue to go down, came after the filing, do supply it to fly back to the village to be able to upgrade the entire upgrade, can buy the entire purchase, and then prepared to do the final battle, and ready to Well, the Dark will be the most depth of the Temple, first of all to fight the Education Secretary, he went to use to speed up before the first open end community with a sword, and then is猛劈, full scrimmage, after beating up the middle of your delivery point reach the bottom of the block letters cited here to see the heroine was tied, and now want to help, but to save handsome hateful, ah, that was my MM ah, only to defeat the BOSS in慢慢聊, etc.

5. The target appears, hero developed the past instantly, odd genu genuflect is before Yi Ren, both hands Feng Shanggong is colourful the rose that admire is held in both hands greatly, the friend that ambuscades aside also takes out watch for a chance pat madly, here romantic setting falls, heroine is moved deeply, a paragraph of the fate brings lovers together is knocked at this point calm.

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6. As a woman, it seems to be complete feeling with heroine how she feeling.

7. The days came and went, the wedding was drawing near and our heroine became more and more anxious. She still wish that there would be miracle and that Karal would came for her.

8. Standing on the embankment of the Ancient Canal, after walking in the thick greenness there, we have a random look of this civilized ancient city over a thousand year The Shaohu Lake, Xiaohu Lake, Yuehu lake, Cultural Canal, Zhenhuai Tower, Wentong Pagoda, Qinglong Bridge, Baihu Bridge and Dongyue Temple, these lakes, canals, temples, towers, pagodas and ancient bridges are unfolded on along red and green Chinese color painting The sound of the big bell in the Tiande Reign is lingering about The sounds of book reading and bird singing in Shaohu Academy are wafted to our ears by the breeze Lard Hanxin went fishing on the angling terrace Young Meigao completed his article quickly on the horse, heroine Liang Hongyu beat a drum to resist aggressors of the Jin Dynasty, Zhaogu, a famous poet, played the flute leaning on a tower Scene after scene of many historical painting scrolls are rippling in the lingering sound of the bell The lively images of Zhou Enlai, Wu cheng`en, Hanxin, Guan Tianpei, Liang Hongyu and Liu`e etc come to us, and leave far away with smiles They have affected thisl and, and this land has deep and tender thoughts for them

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9. Thereupon our heroine resumed her walk. Tears, blinding tears, were running down her face. She knew that it was all sentiment, all baseless impressibility, which had caused her to read the scene as her own condemnation; nevertheless she could not get over it; she could not contravene in her own defenceless person all these untoward omens. It was impossible to think of returning to the Vicarage.

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10. We had a new election, the sixties and seventies in a film that is more than a thousand months, has become the heroine who depends entirely on their eyes, and some US-grown, but his eyes dull, not the focus of this woman how education, all taught does not play a small role.

11. And if the tiny local heroine had not been here, Tweddle might well have taken bronze, or better.

12. The heroine of this novel, Alexandra Bergson, like her name, symbolized the mother of earth for her resourcefulnessand resoluteness.

13. As an important object of study of psychoanalysis, the Oedipus complex and Electra hero and heroine of complex long been a focus of the study.

14. Heroine Margaret pleasure quarters of Paris in a red prostitutes, in many the pursuit of those, only not rich young Amand won the girl really love.

15. Same game to the original novels appear in the authentic continuation of the majority of players in front, so that players with 81 novel heroine Hu, big gold teeth, fat, S Yang and others with experience of ancient tombs in Yunnan Province, the ancient city can fine, Long Ridge, such as classic Cave of God stimulate the process of scene.

16. Preliminary control study of detoxicated effect of Fukangpian on heroine addicts-clinical investigation of 40 cases.

17. I, who had been Secunda, used the chance to name myself after my heroine, the American aviatrix, Amelia Earhart.

18. Not that she kept the money — on the contrary, it's the fact that she chose to blow the whistle on its owner rather than seek a bribe to remain silent that made her something of a folk heroine.

19. The role of the heroine in those ancient stories was usually fulfilled by some radiantly beautiful actor [6], who, with a delicate nose flanked by two rouge spots on his cheeks, liked to smile coquettishly behind his long sleeves when singing on the stage.

20. heroine的近义词

20. Year-old heroine Luojing Zhu (Upper Primary British decoration) has dreams of designer clothes do China and the United States, now only doing chores in the clothing room, not even her boyfriend was no longer believe in the so-called love, has been pessimistic of live.

heroine 词典解释

1. (书、戏剧、电影或故事中品行端正的)女主角,女主人公
    The heroine of a book, play, film, or story is the main female character, who usually has good qualities.

    e.g. The heroine is a senior TV executive.

2. 女英雄;女杰;女豪杰
    A heroine is a woman who has done something brave, new, or good, and who is therefore greatly admired by a lot of people.

    e.g. The national heroine of the day was Xing Fen, winner of the first Gold medal of the Games.

3. (女)偶像;心目中的女英雄
    If you describe a woman as your heroine, you mean that you admire her greatly, usually because of a particular quality or skill that she has.


    e.g. My heroine was Elizabeth Taylor.

heroine 单语例句

1. Portman will play heroine Catherine Earnshaw, who falls for Heathcliff in a passionate love that is ultimately thwarted.

2. It's as if the costumer is telling us Catherine is both a heroine and a villain.

3. Sun Na got chance to be the heroine of his movie, and became famous since then.

4. According to Chinese law, trading 50 g of heroine is punishable by execution.

5. Ramsay shoots in Cinemascope so no matter how close she gets to her heroine, you sense the environment as well.

6. The character's determination and indomitable spirit made her an instant heroine among Asian TV viewers, garnering the show record audiences last year.

7. A jealous singer digs up and publicizes the rising star's secrets at a big performance, causing the heroine to fall off the stage.

8. Both the green fox and the heroine embody the desire for forbidden love and an inescapable sense of dislocation.

9. He jokes the only difference is the heroine's breasts'size.

10. The heroine reminds Zhang's fans of his previous women characters - a lively young woman married to an old husband who abuses her.

heroine 英英释义



1. the main good female character in a work of fiction

2. a woman possessing heroic qualities or a woman who has performed heroic deeds

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