neither是什么意思 neither在线翻译 neither什么意思 neither的意思 neither的翻译 neither的解释 neither的发音 neither的同义词 neither的反义词

neither [ˈnaɪðə(r)]  [ˈniðɚ, ˈnaɪ-] 

neither 基本解释



副词两个都不; 既不…也不

连词既不; 也不


neither 反义词


neither 相关例句


1. neither

1. Neither shoe fits comfortably.


1. I know you want a bigger house, but that's neither here nor there, we can't afford it now.


1. neither

1. I know neither of them.


1. We had neither money nor food.

2. neither在线翻译

2. He neither drinks nor smokes.

neither 网络解释

1. 一个都不喜欢:694. Which do you prefer, fishing or mountain-climbing? 钓鱼和登山,你更喜欢哪一个? | 695. Neither. 一个都不喜欢. | 696. What do you like best, apples, pears, or bananas? 苹果,梨,香蕉,你最喜欢哪个?

2. \u0039\u0031\u0031\u67E5\u8BE2\u00B7\u82F1\u8BED\u5355\u8BCD

2. 都不是:Do you own your house or do you rent? 你们自己有房子还还是租房 | Neither. 都不是. | We live with my parents, Dr. and Mrs. Philip Stewart. 我们和父母住在一一起 我父母是Philip Stewart夫妇

3. 两者都不:neither rhyme nor reason 一无是处 | neither 两者都不 | nek 鞍部

neither 双语例句

1. His pieces just don't stop -- and neither do the aliases.

2. neither

2. Neither Kant's nor Leibniz's formulation of the nativist position is empty in the way that Locke claims.

3. neither

3. To all this, United Artists claimed not to understand of its presence in the trial since they neither owned theaters nor practiced block booking. The trial ended in January 1946 finding the eight studios guilty of restraint in trade focusing mainly in block booking and theater pooling.

4. Unlike promotional pages, this might neither bring you many new visitors, nor improve your ratings but is more than nothing.

5. neither的翻译

5. They can provide reliable and pure power supply for loads neither power good or not.

6. It is used so widely that it be in many fields. They can provide reliable and pure power supply for loads neither power good or not.

7. That is from the news of the unseen which We reveal to you; neither you nor your nation knew this before now.

8. It was neither the crossed immune respons, resulted from being infected with Rinderpest virus or Febris catarrhalis infectiosa canun virus which were closely relative to morbillous viruw, nor was interfered with by the non-specificity agglutinin and the there was the possibility that the production or the substance was resulted from being infected with morbillous virus.

9. But there's really no reason to invade, especially considering that Liechtenstein possesses neither anuclear program nor any weapons of mass destruction.

10. Although in the circle of his friends, where he might be unreserved with safety, he took a free share in conversation, his colloquial talents were not above mediocrity, possessing neither copiousness of ideas, nor fluency of words.

11. neither的意思

11. The Consultant hereby represents, warrants and convenants that he will neither receive nor offer, pay or promise to pay either directly or indirectly, anything of value in connection with any business opportunities which are subject of this Agreement.

12. You don't want to lag behind, neither does she.

13. danci.911cha.com

13. Actually she was neither, but she could pretend to be. It made her feel more respectable and ladylike.

14. danci.911cha.com

14. With the analysis of the situation of present consideration, I point out my own opinion of the consideration of present share merger reform. First, it refers to the main content that consideration should be compensated. On this basis, I point out the payment of consideration must obey some principles: recognize consideration action, ensure the interests of shareholders in reform. I also make some concrete ideas that year-end rate of return rule tradable shareholders should be as the theoretical basis of consideration calculation, and set up a theoretical model. Year-end rate of return rule in it is, on the base of tracing invested cost, comparing the non-tradable shareholders and tradable shareholders`rate of return in the end of the year. At last, I point out my own ideas about how some companies with special problems pay for consideration. Especially, neither the loss of companies nor net asset of stock dropping is the pretext of reducing payment. I hope responsible departments publish policies to ensure the facility and reasonability in the payment of consideration in share merger reform.

15. If she doesn't, neither will xiaofu.

16. neither的解释

16. Military decommissioned submarines that are still sea-worthy are not cheap, neither is the cost of refitting them to ensure they survive what's coming.

17. www.4l2ml3mv.com

17. They don't know what kabuki eyes are...and neither do I.

18. New Zealandhas a temperate climate, neither too cold in winter nor too hot in summer.

19. Unlike other European leaders, she is neither charismatic, nor flashily intellectual, nor domineering.

20. Having neither opium nor hashish on hand, and being desirous of filling his brain with twilight, he had had recourse to that fearful mixture of brandy, stout, absinthe, which produces the most terrible of lethargies.

neither 词典解释

1. 既不…(也不…)
    You use neither in front of the first of two or more words or expressions when you are linking two or more things which are not true or do not happen. The other thing is introduced by 'nor'.


    e.g. Professor Hisamatsu spoke neither English nor German...
    e.g. The play is neither as funny nor as disturbing as Tabori thinks it is.

2. 两个都不;(两者之中)无一个
    You use neither to refer to each of two things or people, when you are making a negative statement that includes both of them.

    e.g. At first, neither man could speak.

3. 也不;都不
    If you say that one person or thing does not do something and neither does another, what you say is true of all the people or things that you are mentioning.

    e.g. I never learned to swim and neither did they...
    e.g. Britain does not agree and neither do Denmark, Portugal and Ireland.

4. (用于否定陈述后,强调要引出另一否定陈述)也不
    You use neither after a negative statement to emphasize that you are introducing another negative statement.


    e.g. I can't ever recall Dad hugging me. Neither did I sit on his knee.

5. 不相干;无关紧要
    If you say that something is neither here nor there, you mean that it does not matter because it is not a relevant point.

    e.g. 'I'd never heard of her before I came here.' — 'That is neither here nor there.'
    e.g. Whether or not he realised the fact was neither here nor there.

Do not confuse neither and none. You use neither in negative statements to refer to two people or things. Neither had close friends at university. You use neither of in the same way, followed by a pronoun or a noun group. Neither of them spoke... Neither of these extremes is desirable. Note that you can also use neither before a singular count noun. Neither side can win. You use none in negative statements to refer to three or more people or things. None could afford the food. You use none of in the same way, followed by a pronoun or a noun group. None of them had learned anything... None of his companions answered.
不要混淆 neither 和 none 的用法。neither 是对两个人或物的否定,如:Neither had close friends at university (两个人在上大学时都没有亲密的朋友);neither of 的用法与 neither 相同,后跟代词或名词短语,如:Neither of them spoke (两个人都不说话),Neither of these extremes is desirable (两个极端都不可取);注意可以在单数可数名词前使用 neither,如:Neither side can win (双方都赢不了)。在否定三个或三个以上的人或物时,使用 none,如:None could afford the food (没有人买得起这些食物);none of 的用法与 none 相同,后跟代词或名词短语,如:None of them had learned anything (他们中谁也没学到任何东西),None of his companions answered (他的同伴谁也没吭声)。

neither 单语例句

1. This is despite concern in China that Ye has neither set foot in the media operation nor done business overseas.

2. " Neither video showed Lin had committed an indecent act against the child, " Luo said.

3. But the problem is that people are so busy throughout the year that reports are neither written seriously nor read carefully.

4. The only potential downside for England were leg injuries to Butt and striker Emile Heskey, although neither looked badly hurt.

5. Neither side shall use or threaten to use force against the other by any means.

6. Neither stuffy nor severe, his extravagant frankness often takes the students by surprise.

7. There is neither a cafeteria for Zhang and other village officials nor a kitchen in their rooms.

8. A spokesman for Cambridgeshire police said he could neither confirm or deny the Mirror story.

9. As neither camping nor cooking is permitted, your best bet is to stay at the village guesthouse.

10. The new operator has decided neither to raise the car's fare nor speed.

neither 英英释义


1. not either
    not one or the other

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