pick up是什么意思 pick up在线翻译 pick up什么意思 pick up的意思 pick up的翻译 pick up的解释 pick up的发音 pick up的同义词 pick up的反义词

pick up [pik ʌp]  [pɪk ʌp] 

pick up 基本解释

动词捡起; 接载; 学会; 逮捕

pick up 相关例句


1. We picked up a couple of girls at the pub last Friday.

2. The boy picked up the hat for the old man.

3. He was picking up the skills quickly.

4. You should pick up the tools after work.

5. Nowadays girls try to pick up guys more than vice versa.

pick up 情景对话



A:Would you like to go sightseeing tomorrow?

pick up的解释

B:Not a bad idea!

pick up

A:What would you like to see in Beijing?

B:Well, let’s see. I’d like to go to the Summer Palace.

A:I’ll pick you up here tomorrow.


B:We‘d like a chance to bid on this business.

A:We‘ll be taking quotations next month .

pick up在线翻译

B:Will you let us have the specifications ?

A:Sure ,just drop in my office some time and pick them up .


A:Hello, this is Wang Ming. May I speak to Gao Ling, please?

pick up的意思

B:Oh, Wang Ming, this is she.

A:I need to make an appointment with you tonight.

B:OK. What time is it?

A:Eight o'clock, I'll pick you up at your office.


pick up 网络解释

1. pick up的翻译

1. 学会:50、只有努力学习(study),刻苦练习(practice),才会学到、学会(learn)知识,不要把希望寄托在偶然学会(pick up)的雕虫小技上!51、到店铺(shop)、商店(store)或超市、商场(supermarket)购物(go shopping/do some shopping)是许多白领女性打发周末大重要途径.

2. 911查询·申博在线

2. 接收:发电机从电网接收(pick up)无效负载. B. 发电机的功因 (power factor)达到超前(leading) 态. B. 反应器 却水系统(RCS)的硼浓 低,微分控制棒本 变成较D. 反应器 却水系统(RCS)的温 增加,

pick up 双语例句

1. The non-linear magnetization characteristics of pick-up coil for magnetic core of amorphous alloy is discussed.

2. pick up

2. I will come to pick you up on 7 o'clock!

3. Pick up your role in Telemachus, for next week. Please prepare with someone who has the same role.
    请准备下周在 Telemachus 个案中所扮演的角色,并请与扮演相同角色的同学一同准备。

4. Finally, don`t forget to get out your hoof pick and body brush, just as you did before you tacked your horse up.

5. pick up的意思

5. I went to the cloakroom to pick up our coats.

6. You mean to tell me that I cannot pick up this telephone and call my family?

7. pick up什么意思

7. Rachel:You know, Tina, it's okay to pick up the leg with your fingers.

8. pick up的反义词

8. Listen to the landlord aunt say incontinence, in our here, animals were incapable of defecating and urinating, or else to pick it up.

9. Pick out pick up the pile paid to play jokes teasing someone.

10. When taking cards, one may either take new cards from the stock, or pick up the discard pile - provided that the top card can be melded immediately.
    当考虑卡,一可采取新卡,从股票,或拿起丢弃桩-只要T op电话卡,可以立即融合。

11. Turned into the cabins, put away money, will ship on shore binding Wenwen pile up, pick up the ladle Bamboo fish water leakage, hope their head on a button, contemptuous laugh, to sleep the past.

12. \u0064\u0061\u006E\u0063\u0069\u002E\u0039\u0031\u0031\u0063\u0068\u0061\u002E\u0063\u006F\u006D

12. The realization tactic of median filter, emendating incline, outline pick-up arithmetic is designed.

13. Because he's better in flirt than I am, he quickly started to pick up Leigh.

14. Pick up pilot at the Fairway buoy No.

15. That morning, I just got up to pick up a phone call from his grandmother.

16. We should pick rubbish up and throw it into the dustbin.

17. Nobody`s garbage to pick up after.

18. pick up的反义词

18. In these cases, no one will get hurt if you keep the truth to yourself and pick up the trash.

19. pick up是什么意思

19. Nobody to shake a stick at. Nobody's garbage to pick up after.

20. Also you must pick up litter and put it into litter bins.

pick up 词典解释

1. 拿起;提起;拾起;捡起
    When you pick something up, you lift it up.

    e.g. He picked his cap up from the floor and stuck it back on his head...
    e.g. Ridley picked up a pencil and fiddled with it.

2. (跌倒或被击倒后)使(自己)慢慢站起(或爬起)
    When you pick yourself up after you have fallen or been knocked down, you stand up rather slowly.

    e.g. Anthony picked himself up and set off along the track.

3. (通常指开车)接载,取走
    When you pick up someone or something that is waiting to be collected, you go to the place where they are and take them away, often in a car.

pick up

    e.g. We drove to the airport the next morning to pick up Susan...
    e.g. She went over to her parents' house to pick up some clean clothes...

4. 逮捕;拘捕
    If someone is picked up by the police, they are arrested and taken to a police station.

    e.g. Rawlings had been picked up by police at his office...
    e.g. The police picked him up within the hour.

5. (不费力地)获得,学会
    If you pick up something such as a skill or an idea, you acquire it without effort over a period of time.

    e.g. Where did you pick up your English?...
    e.g. Young people are picking up ideas about good drugs and bad drugs.

6. (以发生性关系为目的)搭识,与…搭讪
    If you pick up someone you do not know, you talk to them and try to start a sexual relationship with them.

pick up的近义词

    e.g. He had picked her up at a nightclub on Kallari Street, where she worked as a singer.

7. 得(病);染上(疾病)
    If you pick up an illness, you get it from somewhere or something.

pick up的解释

    e.g. They've picked up a really nasty infection from something they've eaten.

8. 接收到(信号或声音)
    If a piece of equipment, for example a radio or a microphone, picks up a signal or sound, it receives it or detects it.

pick up在线翻译

    e.g. We can pick up Italian television...
    e.g. The crew of Philante picked up a distress signal from the yacht Sans Peur III.

9. 发现,找到,识别(特点或模式)
    If you pick up something, such as a feature or a pattern, you discover or identify it.

    e.g. Consumers in Europe are slow to pick up trends in the use of information technology.

10. 重提,接过(观点或话题)
    If someone picks up a point or topic that has already been mentioned, or if they pick up on it, they refer to it or develop it.

    e.g. Can I just pick up that gentleman's point?...
    e.g. I'll pick up on what I said a couple of minutes ago.

11. (贸易或经济)好转,改善
      If trade or the economy of a country picks up, it improves.

      e.g. Chinese officials hope that trade will pick up when the two countries switch to hard currency...
      e.g. Industrial production is beginning to pick up.

12. (健康)好转,恢复
      If someone picks up, or their health picks up, they get better.

pick up的解释

      e.g. A good dose of tonic will help you to pick up.

13. 指出…的错误;纠正
      If you pick someone up on something that they have said or done, you mention it and tell them that you think it is wrong.


      e.g. ...if I may pick you up on that point...
      e.g. Don't pick me up on words.

14. see also: pick-up

pick up 单语例句

1. Customers in the US could shop and buy the device anywhere they are and pick up their purchase at any Apple retail store.

2. A gentleman is supposed to act chivalrous and pick up the bill, not charge 50 yuan for a kiss.

3. They can tour the town by water or pick up pearls in a pool.

4. Even when cadaver dogs pick up a scent, workers say they frequently can't get at the bodies without heavy equipment.

5. Beijing will encourage its residents to pick up the calisthenics to promote their physical wellbeing.

6. Those who wish to donate can take clothes to the store's donation centers, send clothes by mail or call volunteers to come pick up donated items.

7. Most analysts remain optimistic about the outlook for inward capital flows, saying momentum will start to pick up later this year as the global economy recovers.

8. CMA CGM can pick up the cargo in Kunming and send it directly to its container ship in Shenzhen.

9. The chamber said in a report that retail sales will pick up speed this year with the residents'disposable income continuing to rise.

10. One online vendor said the voice changer could help users avoid phone calls they didn't want to pick up.


pick up 英英释义


1. gain or regain energy

    e.g. I picked up after a nap

    Synonym: perk upperkpercolategain vigor

2. improve significantly
    go from bad to good

    e.g. Her performance in school picked up

    Synonym: turn around

3. lift out or reflect from a background

    e.g. The scarf picks up the color of the skirt
           His eyes picked up his smile

4. get to know or become aware of, usually accidentally

    e.g. I learned that she has two grown-up children
           I see that you have been promoted

    Synonym: learnhearget wordget windfind outget a linediscoversee

5. eat by pecking at, like a bird

    Synonym: peck

6. take up by hand

    e.g. He picked up the book and started to read

7. take into custody

    e.g. the police nabbed the suspected criminals

    Synonym: collarnailapprehendarrestnabcop

8. fill with high spirits
    fill with optimism

    e.g. Music can uplift your spirits

    Synonym: elatelift upupliftintoxicate

9. give a passenger or a hitchhiker a lift

    e.g. We picked up a hitchhiker on the highway

10. take and lift upward

    Synonym: lift upgather up

11. register (perceptual input)

      e.g. pick up a signal

      Synonym: receive

12. perceive with the senses quickly, suddenly, or momentarily

      e.g. I caught the aroma of coffee
             He caught the allusion in her glance
             ears open to catch every sound
             The dog picked up the scent
             Catch a glimpse

      Synonym: catch

13. buy casually or spontaneously

      e.g. I picked up some food for a snack

14. gather or collect

      e.g. You can get the results on Monday
             She picked up the children at the day care center
             They pick up our trash twice a week

      Synonym: collectgather upcall for

15. get in addition, as an increase

      e.g. The candidate picked up thousands of votes after his visit to the nursing home

16. meet someone for sexual purposes

      e.g. he always tries to pick up girls in bars

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