probably是什么意思 probably在线翻译 probably什么意思 probably的意思 probably的翻译 probably的解释 probably的发音 probably的同义词

probably [ˈprɒbəbli]  [ˈprɑ:bəbli] 

probably 基本解释


副词大概; 或许; 很可能; 备不住

probably 相关例句


1. probably的近义词

1. It will probably rain.

2. \u0039\u0031\u0031\u67E5\u8BE2\u00B7\u82F1\u8BED\u5355\u8BCD

2. He will probably refuse the offer.

probably 情景对话



A:Hey, Ted. What are you up to this Friday?

B:Well, I have the day off from work.

A:That’s great! Do you have any plans?

B:Well, I’ve been working so hard lately, so I’ll probably just take it easy.

A:Sounds nice.

B:Yeah, I’ll probably just stay in and relax. Maybe watch a few movies.

A:Can I stop by?


B:Sure. Any time.


B:Oh, no. We’re going to be late for the meeting.

A:No. We’ll get a cab. It’s faster than taking the bus or the subway.


B:Oh, good.

A:How much will it cost?

B:Well, cabs are more expensive than the bus or the subway. It’ll probably cost around six dollars.



B:I can’t find the business card. Do you know the address?

A:Yeah. I met with them back in March, remember?


A:Driver, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., please.

Study abroad-(留学)

A:What are you going to do for your year abroad, Tim?

B:Study study study! I want to learn a lot.

A:You’re going to take courses?

B:Yes, I’m going to take some university courses there.

A:Sounds hard.

B:Yes, but I think it’s probably for the best.

A:Won’t you get lonely?

B:Hey, I’m a pretty cool guy; I’ll make friends. And I’ll have a lot of extra-curricular activities too. You know, like fencing or theater or something.

probably 网络解释

1. probably的解释

1. 有可能:这是要去证明(举证责任是在索赔方或货方)船东该损失是他个人的行为或错漏,而且是有意图去造成这种损失,或轻率与知道很有可能(probably)会造成这种损失.

probably 双语例句

1. probably在线翻译

1. I realize that a lot of man wholly adjust China very curiously, Reason that probably is for Chinese history age-old, I to Canada also very curiously, For what I can tell, There are a lot of China returneds students in Canada.

2. probably

2. If you are well networked, you probably can.

3. Probably you know as well as the speaker what is actually taking place in the world - utter chaos, disorder, violence, extreme forms of brutality, riots ending up in war. Our lives are extraordinarily difficult, confused and contradictory, not only in ourselves - inside the skin as it were - but also outwardly. There is utter destruction.

4. Mid-Autumn festival is probably YiSu of autumn.

5. My first hawker experience in China was at Tiananmen Square. Hats, lighters, Rolexes, postcards, you name it, they probably sold it. I turned most of them down and ended up walking away quickly from the rest.

6. probably

6. Masters of the world, was probably but an effect of

7. We play the ferris wheel first, the ferris wheel may arrive at the very high place, afterward we played the pirate ship, about the pirate ship sway stimulate, we also had play revolve very likely coffee cup's amusement facility, this amusement facility was amusing, if has not held an arm rest straight skid to slide, this point i thought am very interesting, we also had play the imperial crown swing, this amusement facility will not stimulate very much, revolving time had the breeze blow slightly to come, this feeling on was blowing the electric fan probably, but, its nature's electric fan, except this some amusing was also interestingoutside amusement facility, but also many amusing amusement facility!

8. On the basis of the above-mentioned condition, the std No.4 cylinder crank pin and bearing were burnt on Dec. 16, probably due to their non-parallelism not being measured when being repaired on Aug. 6, in Pusan, Korea.
    根据上述情况,导致该轮主机右 No.4 缸曲柄肖及轴承于某年 12 月 16 日被烧坏有可能是在某年 8 月 6 日在朝鲜釜山进行修理时,没有对不平行度进行测量所致。

9. The third and probably most important source of lay-offs in 2008 was the construction industry itself.

10. Probably it is the last time as a student studying in the school of my life, yes!

11. They probably were the youngest cover-girls in the history of men glossies.

12. There were roughly 29m house sales in the United States between 2004 and 2007, compared with 115m households, and anyone who bought before then is probably sitting on a nominal profit.

13. And most folks probably look at the Nike promos and write them off as fancy camera work -- agents, attorneys and team officials never allowing Bryant to really place himself in danger.

14. You will probably get some traffic through referrals, but this will not be enough to guarantee the success of your site.

15. I think no z one is surpris, but probably a lot of people Online are curious about how China is going to take it`s Online next step during this global economic recession.

16. He actually had instruction, probably pinned on the wall: `Nothing from this office should go forth which discredits the capitalist system.

17. Antigone was probably the first of the three Theban plays that Sophocles wrote, although the events dramatized in it happen last.

18. Probably not very much, which is probably a good thing because then you go into training

19. If you buy a new car, you'll probably save money over a long period of time.

20. Probably one of the most significant differences is that a trade secret is protected without disclosure of the secret.

probably 词典解释

1. 大概;或许;可能
    If you say that something is probably the case, you think that it is likely to be the case, although you are not sure.

    e.g. The White House probably won't make this plan public until July...
    e.g. Van Gogh is probably the best-known painter in the world.

2. (用于缓和语气)大概,或许,可能
    You can use probably when you want to make your opinion sound less forceful or definite, so that you do not offend people.

    e.g. He probably thinks you're both crazy!

probably 单语例句

1. Today a business textbook would probably render that as " target those at the top end of your market ".

2. That's because American English is such a plainspoken dialect, which is probably why it's the international language of business and the Internet.

3. Hailed by critic Bai Ye as " probably the best Chinese novel on extramarital affairs ", the book tells of a single businesswoman and a married university professor.

4. If someone was born in a year of the Ox and is surnamed Niu, he should probably not become a butcher.

5. Lieberman said much of the action could probably be done by air, although he would leave the strategy to the generals in charge.

6. The SOA's rare harsh criticism of COPC in early August probably heralds a legal action for much heavier indemnity.

7. Carroll said he can see Reynolds working in cable television, probably as a legal analyst.

8. Feng Shanshan is probably the only Chinese professional golfer with a foreign caddie, and he appears to have played a major role in her successful 2012 season.

9. He said the average cadmium content was 16 percent, and that the levels are probably higher.

10. Li jumped in as well but found the water too cold to swim, and decided calling the cops is probably a better option.

probably 英英释义



1. with considerable certainty
    without much doubt

    e.g. He is probably out of the country
           in all likelihood we are headed for war

    Synonym: likelyin all likelihoodin all probabilitybelike

2. easy to believe on the basis of available evidence

    e.g. he talked plausibly before the committee
           he will probably win the election

    Synonym: crediblybelievablyplausibly

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