speaker是什么意思 speaker在线翻译 speaker什么意思 speaker的意思 speaker的翻译 speaker的解释 speaker的发音 speaker的同义词 speaker的反义词

speaker [ˈspi:kə(r)]  [ˈspikɚ] 


speaker 基本解释

名词扬声器; 说话者; 演讲者,发言人; 讲某种语言的人


speaker 同义词

speaker 反义词


speaker 相关例句


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1. There were rumors that he would resign as Speaker after 1982.

2. speaker的近义词

2. Blame not the speaker but be warned by his words.

3. He is a speaker of French.

4. The chairman introduced the speaker to the audience.

5. The left-hand speaker doesn't seem to be working.

speaker 网络解释

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1. 报告人:时间(Time) 大会报告题目(Title) 报告人(Speaker)时间(Time) 大会报告题目(Title) 报告人(Speaker)14:40-15:40 关于连接到低压电源系统的电涌保护器(SPD)安全性测试的正确方法 南京菲尼克斯电气有限公司时间(Time) 大会报告题

2. 喇叭:高能量密度的优点使钕铁硼永磁材料在现代工业和电子技术中获得了广泛应用,从而使仪器仪表、电声电机、磁选磁化等设备的小型化、轻量化、 ...钕铁錋永磁材料于80年代初问世,现广泛应用于电机(motor),喇叭(speaker),玩具(toys)和一

speaker 双语例句

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1. Probably you know as well as the speaker what is actually taking place in the world - utter chaos, disorder, violence, extreme forms of brutality, riots ending up in war. Our lives are extraordinarily difficult, confused and contradictory, not only in ourselves - inside the skin as it were - but also outwardly. There is utter destruction.

2. Chu delivered his remarks as the speaker at Harvard's 358th Commencement, held outdoors in Harvard Yard's Tercentenary Theatre.

3. APA2051 integrates 1.the stereo audio speaker amplifier with gain setting, 2.cap-free stereo headphone driver.

4. speaker的翻译

4. Call quality is pathetic, she adds, mostly because the tiny speaker has to be perfectly aligned with your ear canal to work.

5. He is a forceful and logical speaker.

6. According to the speaker, what too many people do to cope with their daily tasks?

7. speaker的翻译

7. It is all right to tell a joke or an anecdote if it is in good taste and will not embarrass the speaker.

8. speaker是什么意思

8. I respect the speaker`s grace and sharp.

9. speaker

9. House of Representatives Speaker sometimes stood only a heartbeat away from the Presidency.

10. Speakers in the sound-absorbing material in only two roles, one speaker cabinet to eliminate certain resonance with the dye; b are appropriate to reduce the size of speakers, the speakers are nothing to do with what level, some people think that to increase the filler speaker is a universal medicine, and this big mistake and special wrong.

11. The utility model relates to a vehicle gauge accessory, comprising a diode D, a self holding circuit, a time-delay switch, a computer voice module H, a speaker Y and a temperature control switch TK; wherein, the anode of the diode is connected with the start end of the vehicle start switch, the said computer voice module H is provided with a voice reminding end of brake fluid level, a voice reminding end of oil pressure, a charge voice reminding end and a voice reminding end of temperature of water tank, each of which is respectively connected with an indicator light of vehicle brake fluid level, an indicator light of oil pressure, a charge indicator light and the said temperature control switch TK through a voice touch control switch, the said time-delay switch is connected in series between the positive end of the diode D and the electrical source of the computer voice module H and the speaker H is connected with the output end of the computer voice module H.

12. You are confused because any native speaker would be confused; and you are dealing with a legal document!

13. speaker的意思

13. For 60 years, Klipsch has been building horn technology and speaker design and the result is a remarkable iGroove HG.

14. Fault Analysis and Treatment: the alarm sound from the speaker to determine fault should be in memory.

15. speaker

15. To be customer satisfaction, leading the speaker fashion is our forever goal.

16. speaker什么意思

16. Since its founding, SE has developed as a leading manufacturer of various speaker grille products in Korea.

17. He is a regular speaker at leading national and international conventions and seminars.

18. Cuneyt is a frequent speaker at leading industry events nationwide.
      Cuneyt 经常在全国领先的行业活动中发言。

19. speaker的解释

19. Jim Cathcart's cutting-edge work in the fields of human dynamics and business relationships has made him a leading platform speaker, with thousands of appearances to his credit.

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20. Everyone seemed to be confused that our leading speaker could be so young and unsophisticated. We looked at him surprisingly, expecting his brilliant lecture.

speaker 词典解释

1. 发言人;演讲者;演说家
    A speaker at a meeting, conference, or other gathering is a person who is making a speech or giving a talk.

    e.g. Among the speakers at the gathering was Treasury Secretary Nicholas Brady...
    e.g. Bruce Wyatt will be the guest speaker at next month's meeting...

2. 讲某种语言的人
    A speaker of a particular language is a person who speaks it, especially one who speaks it as their first language.


    e.g. ...in the Ukraine, where a fifth of the population are Russian speakers...
    e.g. The Department has a growing section which teaches English to speakers of other languages.

3. (议会或立法机构的)议长
    In the parliament or legislature of many countries, the Speaker is the person who is in charge of meetings.

    e.g. For twenty minutes, the Speaker tried to keep order.
           20 分钟的时间里,议长一直在竭力维持秩序。
    e.g. ...the Speaker of the Polish Parliament...

4. 说话人
    A speaker is a person who is speaking.

    e.g. From a simple gesture or the speaker's tone of voice, the Japanese listener gleans the whole meaning.

5. 扬声器;喇叭
    A speaker is a piece of electrical equipment, for example part of a radio or set of equipment for playing CDs or tapes, through which sound comes out.


    e.g. For a good stereo effect, the speakers should not be too wide apart.

speaker 单语例句

1. English is the language of international business and learning it here from a native speaker is in demand and beneficial to Chinese enterprises " going out ".

2. More economic independence is giving women more buying power, a speaker told the annual China Luxury Summit in Shanghai.

3. Underscoring the dramatic standoff, several networks agreed to carry rebuttal remarks afterward by House Speaker John Boehner.

4. This allowed Deputy Speaker Erin Ta ada to cast his vote in favour of the measure.

5. He said his organization will urge President Mahinda Rajapaksa and parliament Speaker Chamal Rajapaksa not to proceed with the impeachment of the Chief Justice.

6. No one expects you to become a native Chinese speaker out of the blue, but here are a few simple phrases that could make your life easier.

7. The speaker had adjourned Thursday's session after he failed to persuade the Uri Party members to clear the podium.

8. As the clock ticked for opposition members to call a vote, rival factions cursed and shoved as they fought for the parliamentary speaker's podium.

9. I turned the TV louder and cocked an ear close to the speaker.

10. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that once the administration had presented its proposal, " we hope to move very quickly " to come to an agreement.

speaker 英英释义


1. electro-acoustic transducer that converts electrical signals into sounds loud enough to be heard at a distance

    Synonym: loudspeakerspeaker unitloudspeaker systemspeaker system

2. someone who expresses in language
    someone who talks (especially someone who delivers a public speech or someone especially garrulous)

    e.g. the speaker at commencement
           an utterer of useful maxims

    Synonym: talkeruttererverbalizerverbaliser

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