tale是什么意思 tale在线翻译 tale什么意思 tale的意思 tale的翻译 tale的解释 tale的发音 tale的同义词 tale的反义词 tale的例句 tale的相关词组

tale [teɪl]  [tel] 


tale 基本解释

名词传说,传言; (尤指充满惊险的)故事; 坏话,谣言; 〈古〉计算,总计


tale 相关词组

1. tell the tale : 编讲悲惨的往事;

2. tell its own tale : 不言而喻, 显而易见;


tale 相关例句

1. The shepherd tells his tale.

2. So runs the story.

3. Thereby hangs a tale.


1. Grandpa told the children the tales of his childhood.

2. Children shouldn't tell tales.

tale 网络解释

1. 寓言:male男性 | tale寓言 | stale陈旧的,陈腐的

2. 故事,传说:take 拿,拿走;做;服用;乘坐;花费 | tale 故事,传说 | ▲talent 天才,才干,天资

tale 双语例句

1. I gave up my epic and wrote this little tale instead.

2. The symbol is the fairy tale creation one important way which fuses the fantasy and the reality, also is the fairy tale creation model unique technique.

3. A good tale ill told is ma rred in the telling.

4. TOM's tale was too humoristic to keep us from laughing.

5. When she was very young, she doodled all over the wall of her room: the fairy-tale castles, the moonlight circus, the carnival dolls with beautiful masks and the three-leg cat with a human face.

6. So a diktat from a right-wing president of the republic provided a dramatic twist to the tale.

7. tale

7. By Subodh Varma - TNN | NEW DELHI: The tale of massive fraud and embezzlement of millions of dollars by the US military in its operations in Iraq continues.
    由subodh瓦尔马-t nn|新德:故事大规模欺诈和挪用公款数百万美元,由美国军方在其在伊拉克的行动仍在继续。

8. Frenchman Charles Perrault, more than 100 years before the Grimms, may be the first writer to change the oral tale of Little Red Riding Hood into a written one.

9. Yet when you examine it more closely, it has a fascinating tale to tell.

10. In the third group Naryshkin was repeating the tale of the meeting of the Austrian council of war, at which, in reply to the stupidity of the Austrian general, Suvorov crowed like a cock.

11. 911查询·申博在线

11. You may have heard the tale of the big Atlantic ocean liner that limped into port with engine trouble.

12. tale的意思

12. I know the tale and I know it too well.

13. Come, and I will tell you a tale like none you have ever heard...

14. And now I have shared the tale with you, and perhaps, perhaps you can keep the dream alive when I am gone.

15. You may wonder who I really am and why I say this. come and I will tell you a tale like none which you have ever heard.

16. She launched into her tale, and I settled into my seat, more comfortable now.

17. Sophie: Well, you know, life isn't a fairy tale and I have to grow up and I'm gonna do that in Florida.

18. In the United States there was an unusual tale telling of the daughter of a mechanic.

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19. During dating, keep both eyes wide open and look for tell tale signs like a persistent borrower, in debt, etc but after marriage, keep a close eye and forgive.

20. tale的解释

20. And he made every one of them tell him a tale every night; and he kept that up till he had hogged a thousand and one tales that way, and then he put them all in a book, and called it Domesday Book -- which was a good name and stated the case.

tale 词典解释

1. (常包含魔法或惊险内容的)传说,故事
    A tale is a story, often involving magic or exciting events.

    e.g. ...a collection of stories, poems and folk tales...
    e.g. Episodes 1 and 2 of Tales of the City will be shown together on Tuesday.

2. (对真人真事精彩的或夸张的)描述,讲述
    You can refer to an interesting, exciting, or dramatic account of a real event as a tale .

    e.g. The media have been filled with tales of horror and loss resulting from Monday's earthquake.
    e.g. ...a property analyst, full of cheery tales about soaring share prices and new capital pouring into property companies.

3. see also: fairy tale;old wives’ tale;tall tale

4. 大难不死;逃过劫难;幸免于难
    If you survive a dangerous or frightening experience and so are able to tell people about it afterwards, you can say that you lived to tell the tale .

    e.g. You lived to tell the tale this time but who knows how far you can push your luck.

5. 造谣;泄密
    If someone tells tales about you, they tell other people things about you which are untrue or which you wanted to be kept secret.

    e.g. I hesitated, not wanting to tell tales about my colleague.

tale 单语例句

1. His tale of a butterfly collector who kidnaps a woman in London was made into a film starring Terence Stamp two years later.

2. A Chinese lunar calendar festival celebrating a romantic tale has been proposed as the " Chinese Valentine's Day " to promote awareness of traditional culture.

3. The cardboard baozi story of this week adds a satirical twist to a tale of international interest.

4. Another tale tells of Mazu making an iron horse come to life and carry her across the sea.

5. Writer Catherine Johnson's sunny, funny tale of family and friendship unfolds on a Greek island paradise.

6. His probable demise is a cautionary tale of the multiplying threats to the great sturgeons, sought since Roman times for the wealth they yield in meat and caviar.

7. The slow pace with which the Group of Seven nations got together on this crisis is a cautionary tale.

8. This should serve as a cautionary tale to other local governments when it comes to decisions on similar structures.

9. But its story is also a cautionary tale about the resulting strains on a country's transportation system.

10. Jackson star in an adaptation of Stephen King's tale about a skeptical author who stays in a notoriously haunted hotel room.

tale 英英释义


1. a trivial lie

    e.g. he told a fib about eating his spinach
           how can I stop my child from telling stories?

    Synonym: fibstorytarradiddletaradiddle

2. a message that tells the particulars of an act or occurrence or course of events
    presented in writing or drama or cinema or as a radio or television program

    e.g. his narrative was interesting
           Disney's stories entertain adults as well as children

    Synonym: narrativenarrationstory

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