tongue是什么意思 tongue在线翻译 tongue什么意思 tongue的意思 tongue的翻译 tongue的解释 tongue的发音 tongue的同义词 tongue的反义词 tongue的例句

tongue [tʌŋ]  [tʌŋ] 


tongue 基本解释


名词舌头,喙; 语言,方言; 演说,鞋舌; [复]口才

及物动词用舌吹; 舔; 嵌接; [古]批评,指责

不及物动词吹奏(管乐器); 运用舌法发音; 突出

tongue 相关词组

1. oil one's tongue : 奉承, 谄媚;

2. hold one's tongue : 住嘴, 不开口, 缄默;

3. a silver tongue : 流利的口才;

4. wag one's tongue : 唠叨不休;

5. find one's tongue : (吓得说不出话以后)能开口了;

tongue 相关例句

1. A honey tongue, a heart of gall.

2. One's tongue runs before one's wit.


1. tongue是什么意思

1. The doctor told the boy to put out his tongue.

2. She has a bitter tongue.

3. My mother tongue is Spanish.

tongue 网络解释

1. 鞋舌:6)鞋舌(Tongue)鞋舌内侧的毛料将使脚和楔子有更多直接接触,并且有带扣支持这着内衬,将有利于防止鞋舌下滑. 7)后跟楔(Heel wedge)后跟楔,这对于FSK是有莫大的好处. 一方面,可以吸收能量,起到缓冲的作用,另一方面,2mm三角-H形状的楔入,

2. 舌:舌头 舌(tongue) 口腔底部向口腔内突起的器官,由平滑肌组成. 起感受味觉和辅助进食作用,人类的舌还是语言的重要器官. 人类全身上下,最强韧有力的肌肉就是舌头. 无脊椎动物就已出现舌的结构舌头 舌(tongue) 口腔底部向口腔内突起的器官,

tongue 双语例句

1. tongue的反义词

1. Have I not also taught you, `what the tongue says, the neck pays for` I will not have it said that I could never teach my daughter proper respect for her elders.

2. For Demades, indeed, was himself the mere wreck of his country, living and ruling so dissolutely, that Antipater took occasion to say of him, when he was now grown old, that he was like a sacrificed beast, all consumed except the tongue and the belly.

3. He's sure to ask questions but I hold my tongue to begin with.

4. I really mean it. Up till now, I still speak in ghost language and fart in official tongue.

5. Quantitative value of thick and thin tongue fur, moistening and dryness of tongue fur, greasy and putrid tongue fur can be get through the texture future analysis methods.

6. tongue的翻译

6. Purpose language and themother tongue common point learn playing promote role to foreign language, that p...

7. tongue的翻译

7. There are three elements: sound, rhyme, and intonation. IPA adopted Zhao, Yuan Ren's melody in 1926 for Liu, Bian Nong's lyrics, to analyse sounds hidden by the tip of the tongue vowels:〔〕, 〔〕:which means empty vowel〔(The symbol is abbreviated〕, so these vowels should be added in pronunciation practice.

8. Yes! I will steal from the world, and not a babbling tongue shall tell where I am.

9. Although the weight of the tongue is dinky, few people could control it.

10. His tongue is r ed and sore all over.

11. \u0064\u0061\u006E\u0063\u0069\u002E\u0039\u0031\u0031\u0063\u0068\u0061\u002E\u0063\u006F\u006D

11. Last scion of a great family, of feminine manners and witty tongue, he was at that time running through a fortune with a rage of life and appetite which nothing could appease.

12. A honey tongue, a heart of gall.

13. danci.911cha.com

13. Antler blood, deer bone, deer tendon, deer tail, deer heart, deer tongue etc. also has medical treatment and health care functions, at the same time, it is also healthy food with good taste.

14. For it is through speech that wisdom becomes known, and knowledge through the tongue's rejoinder.

15. Flower of bloodroot and of adder's-tongue.

16. When ye come together, every one of you hath a psalm, hath a doctrine, hath a tongue, hath

17. tongue什么意思

17. When you come together, every one of you hath a psalm, hath a doctrine, hath a revelation, hath a tongue, hath an interpretation: let all things be done to edification.

18. tongue的解释

18. When ye come together, every one of you hath a psalm, hath a doctrine, hath a tongue, hath a revelation, hath an interpretation.

19. tongue什么意思

19. At first glance, the asymmetrical last and tongue of the Syncro ($159) looked like a mistake.

20. The Syncro's high ankle, gusseted tongue, and Gore-Tex liner kept water and debris at bay.

tongue 词典解释

1. 舌;舌头
    Your tongue is the soft movable part inside your mouth which you use for tasting, eating, and speaking.


    e.g. I walked over to the mirror and stuck my tongue out...
    e.g. She ran her tongue around her lips.

2. 说话能力;说话方式
    You can use tongue to refer to the kind of things that a person says.


    e.g. …her sharp wit and quick tongue
    e.g. She had a nasty tongue, but I liked her.

3. 语言
    A tongue is a language.

    e.g. The French feel passionately about their native tongue.

4. (烹制后通常作为冷盘的)牛舌,羊舌
    Tongue is the cooked tongue of an ox or sheep. It is usually eaten cold.

5. 鞋舌
    The tongue of a shoe or boot is the piece of leather which is underneath the laces.

6. 舌状物;火舌;伸入水中的狭长陆地
    A tongue of something such as fire or land is a long thin piece of it.


    e.g. A yellow tongue of flame shot upwards.
    e.g. …a silver, frozen tongue of water.

7. 无诚意的;虚情假意的
    A tongue-in-cheek remark or attitude is not serious, although it may seem to be.

    e.g. ...a lighthearted, tongue-in-cheek approach...
    e.g. This is all slightly tongue-in-cheek, I'd like to make that clear…

8. 一言不发;保持缄默
    If you hold your tongue, you do not say anything even though you might want to or be expected to, because it is the wrong time to say it.

    e.g. Douglas held his tongue, preferring not to speak out on a politically sensitive issue.

9. 正确发出(难读单词或短语)的音
    If you say that you can not get your tongue round or around a particular word or phrase, you mean that you find it very difficult to pronounce.

10. 口误
    If you describe something you said as a slip of the tongue, you mean that you said it by mistake.


    e.g. At one stage he referred to Anna as John's fiancée, but later said that was a slip of the tongue.

11. to bite your tongue -> see bite

tongue 单语例句

1. Many university students do not have a good command of their mother tongue after they complete high school.

2. It is like running one's tongue over a stick of chalk.

3. The NPC deputy was speaking on behalf of 200 million migrant workers with his tongue planted firmly in his cheek.

4. The fillets hiding under the " spectacular " red chili tasted quite good, fresh and also spicy enough to make my tongue numb for a few seconds.

5. Sticking the tongue out helps reduce a double chin and strengthen the lower muscles of the chin.

6. Though Cantonese remains Chinatown's primary tongue, many shopkeepers speak at least a few words of Mandarin.

7. " Nobody wants to see a standing cobra with its forked tongue on their presents, " she said.

8. Research supports that strong foundation in mother tongue is critical for cognitive development and it helps acquire other languages.

9. The tongue is then pulled upward at high speed, drawing a column of water behind it.

10. Teammates and medical staff rushed to his side and were seen preventing him from swallowing his tongue as he lost consciousness.

tongue 英英释义


1. metal striker that hangs inside a bell and makes a sound by hitting the side

    Synonym: clapper

2. the flap of material under the laces of a shoe or boot

3. a mobile mass of muscular tissue covered with mucous membrane and located in the oral cavity

    Synonym: linguaglossaclapper

4. a human written or spoken language used by a community
    opposed to e.g. a computer language

    Synonym: natural language

5. a manner of speaking

    e.g. he spoke with a thick tongue
           she has a glib tongue

6. the tongue of certain animals used as meat

7. a narrow strip of land that juts out into the sea

    Synonym: spit

8. any long thin projection that is transient

    e.g. tongues of flame licked at the walls
           rifles exploded quick knives of fire into the dark

    Synonym: knife


1. lick or explore with the tongue

2. articulate by tonguing, as when playing wind instruments

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