weaken是什么意思 weaken在线翻译 weaken什么意思 weaken的意思 weaken的翻译 weaken的解释 weaken的发音 weaken的同义词 weaken的反义词 weaken的例句

weaken [ˈwi:kən]  [ˈwikən] 


及物/不及物动词衰减; (使)削弱; (使)变弱; 变得优柔寡断

weaken 反义词



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weaken 相关例句


1. weaken

1. We never weaken our efforts in face of difficulties.


1. weaken的近义词

1. His sense of duty never weakens.

weaken 网络解释

1. 削弱:削弱(Weaken)等级:6先修技能:伤害加深 解释:削弱可以让受诅咒的敌人对您或是您的手下所造成的伤害减少. 当这个技能被施展在一名敌人(或是一群敌人)身上时,可以让敌人的攻击力降低三分之一. 在您需要防御的情况下,

2. 变弱:在理论上,印墨不可被乳化(Emulsify),也就是吸收水槽中的水份后,变成乳状;因此原则上要求印墨既不可以与版面上非画线部份的水份结合,也不可以对油墨有任何损害,尤其是影响印墨的色彩或乾燥性,以及使版面或印刷品的线画变弱(Weaken)、生泡、浮污(Sc

3. 弱化--削弱:Dim Vision--视力模糊--微暗靈視;简称: Dim | Weaken--弱化--削弱; | Iron maiden--钢铁处女--攻擊反噬;简称: IM

4. 削弱,减弱,变衰弱:slow down 减速减退,衰退 | weaken 削弱,减弱,变衰弱 | Mercedes-Benz 梅赛德斯-奔驰

weaken 双语例句

1. After the addition of参知政事, senator so, so that the three Secretaries of Departments, the premier division of executive power, military power and financial, to weaken the right phase.

2. Over the period, USD continued to weaken against the Sterling and Euro as the expectation of interest

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3. And because you have a trade surplus it`s very difficult for the baht to weaken.

4. The lemon juice, milk, vinegar and orange juice all weaken the paper. Even after they dry, the paper is still weakened.

5. danci.911cha.com

5. This actually does not mean you have to kill them but instead weaken them if they have armour.

6. We will mend the structure of the biconical antenna to weaken the reflection current on its surface.

7. The results obtained show that the primary factor causing a secondaary combustion in the high underexpanded muzzle jet is the strong Mach disk which exists for long time and we can weaken or suppress the secondary flash by deceasing strengh of the Mach disk.

8. The little difference occur among bituminites. For coal concentrate experiment, We find oxygen-enriched weaken the effect of coal concentrate on ignition-temperature.

9. weaken的近义词

9. Properly changing the shape of the nozzle can reduce the vertical gradient of flow velocity along the jet's axial direction, and thus weaken the intensity of the turbulence which results in reduction of jet noise.

10. When changing diaphragms in most drivers the new diaphragm may not be 100% concentric to the old one, and the only way to align it in the magnetic gap is by removing the iron pole from the driver and loosening the screws holding the center pole piece, then and only then the diaphragm can be aligned with the center pole piece and rubbing or touching of the voice coil with the pole pieces in the gap is avoided, this may happen at certain frequencies only, producing a very harsh sound, even passing a static or a dc diaphragm test, therefore the claim that the diaphragms are replaceable in the field is not in many cases true, only when the driver has adjustable screw and dowel locating pin the alignment is possible without getting inside the driver and when alignment of the diaphragm is needed, the plate holding the pole pieces and assembly needs removal, by doing so the pole piece may be well set and aligned but the magnetic field will weaken significantly by such a procedure and solving one problem leads to another one, in this case the driver needs to be re magnetized in order to perform well.
    当改变隔膜在大多数司机的新膜片不得100 %同心旧的,只有这样,才能使其在磁场的差距是通过消除铁柱从司机和松动的螺丝中心柱举行一块,然后才是膈肌可配合中心极片和摩擦或触摸的音圈与极片的差距是可以避免的,可能会遇到这种情况只有在特定的频率,产生了非常严厉的声音,甚至通过一个静态或直流隔膜测试,因此声称隔膜的更换在外地不是在许多情况下,真实的,只有当该名司机已可调螺丝和销子定位销调整是有可能没有得到内部的驱动器和调整时,膈肌是必要的,举行的板极件和大会需要搬迁,这样做极可能是一块很好设置和调整,但磁场将削弱显着这样的程序和解决的一个问题导致另一次,在这种情况下,司机必须重新磁化,以表现良好。

11. weaken的近义词

11. The Seffen paper claims that burning jet fuel in air can weaken ALL the steel girders evenly (hence symmetrical collapse due to gravity of all columns perfectly), yet both ends of these outer and inner massive columns were outside the fire zone to differing degrees hence heat would have conducted up and down very efficiently at different rates, and many columns were not even subjected to any significant fire.

12. His humorous tone of that truth, as if deliberately to weaken the importance of his discovery, only to let it enter the real Salon ears.

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13. At present, we should initiate healthy consumption culture and oppose the extravagant one, encourage active consumption culture and restrict the excessive one, enforce independent consumption culture and weaken the convergence one, advocate balanced consumption culture and avoid the extreme one, intend harmonious consumption culture and boycott the unbalanced one.

14. weaken的近义词

14. Excellent corporate culture will promote the development of enterprise maximumly, otherwise, will weaken the organization function of enterprise.

15. weaken的解释

15. In this thesis, tentative research was carried out that pyrogenation of fire retardant coating was analyzed: the heat-resistant effect of it would be weaken when the temperature was between 200℃and 400℃.

16. Suitable to comb vertical downward sending directly, sends directly the longitudinal line may weaken the moon-face in the vision the width, before simultaneously lets the ear send directly covers two cheeks, may achieve the beautification plentiful effect.

17. A number of experiments and detects show that the design method of seal and cover can reduce the moisture transfer and expansive amount, weaken the action of weathering and the developing of cracks, steady the shear strength of subgrade, and the effect of preventing soil erosion is more notable.

18. However, chemicals called surfactants can weaken the attraction of water molecules for one another.

19. Finally, we should always try to be in a good mood. Negative moods poison and weaken us severely.

20. Mixed cropping could not only weaken negative effects of allelochemical at high concentration, but also decrease the allelopathic effect on shoot compared to the sole treatment.

weaken 词典解释

1. 削弱;减弱
    If you weaken something or if it weakens, it becomes less strong or less powerful.

    e.g. The recession has weakened so many firms that many can no longer survive...
    e.g. The Prime Minister's opponents believe that her authority has been fatally weakened...

2. (使)(决心)动摇
    If your resolve weakens or if something weakens it, you become less determined or less certain about taking a particular course of action that you had previously decided to take.

    e.g. I looked at the list and felt my resolve weakening...
    e.g. Jennie weakened, and finally relented...

3. 使虚弱;使无力
    If something weakens you, it causes you to lose some of your physical strength.

    e.g. Malnutrition obviously weakens the patient.

4. 使松动;使损坏
    If something weakens an object, it does something to it which causes it to become less firm and more likely to break.

    e.g. A bomb blast had weakened an area of brick on the back wall...
    e.g. Never dry underwear over direct heat; it will weaken the fabric.

weaken 单语例句

1. He added that the impact of SARS though substantial is only temporary and by no means will it weaken Hong Kong's position in global aviation.

2. Washington believes that its waning influence would weaken its capability to intervene in other countries'internal affairs and thus the new policy thrust.

3. Carry trades further weaken the yen as traders sell off the currency.

4. The prime minister said he hoped the guidelines might clarify the complex circumstances surrounding the issue and weaken the case for changing the law.

5. Hurricane Flossie churned toward Hawaii with 217 kph winds early yesterday, but forecasters predicted the Category 4 storm would weaken before passing by the islands.

6. He admitted his grand slam breakthrough had lifted a weight of expectation, but was adamant it would not weaken his focus.

7. Economists said the zloty was set to weaken when markets opened on Monday, also reflecting concern the campaign for presidential polls on October 9 may disrupt coalition talks.

8. As Obama seeks to pull out combat troops over the next three years, the government's hand may weaken further.

9. After months of resistance over fears the deal would weaken India's sovereignty, the communist allies of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's government relented last week.

10. Liu said to take the corporation responsibility may weaken competitiveness because of rising costs, but the trend of a worldwide campaign toward responsibility may also strengthen competitiveness.

weaken 英英释义


1. become weaker

    e.g. The prisoner's resistance weakened after seven days

2. lessen the strength of

    e.g. The fever weakened his body

3. reduce the level or intensity or size or scope of

    e.g. de-escalate a crisis

    Synonym: de-escalatestep down

4. lessen in force or effect

    e.g. soften a shock
           break a fall

    Synonym: dampendampsoftenbreak

5. destroy property or hinder normal operations

    e.g. The Resistance sabotaged railroad operations during the war

    Synonym: sabotageunderminecounterminecounteractsubvert

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